Why You Should Start Thinking BIG

Think Big!
If someone would offer you a good investment worth 20,000 pesos that you can get ONLY today, are you financially and mentally prepared?


Do you have enough opportunity savings in your bank or cash drawer?

'Coz if you don't, then you'll probably end up being the likes of those who try to cover their frustrations by sour-graping.

So when the time comes when someone you know becomes successful and wealthy, you label them lucky.

Or you even try a proven mantra for bitter ones, the it-won't-work-anyway bluff.

It-won't-work your ass.

I believe there is no such thing as luck, especially in one's journey to financial freedom. Luck, for wise men, is simply preparedness to opportunities, and not the luck you have been so magically taught to believe all your life.


Sure, there are lottery winners, YouTube sensations and all other quick-rich ways these days. But there sure are jobless, homeless and penniless when fame and money leave them.

The point is, it's not how much you earn today. It's how you manage your finances. It's how you spend, how you save, how you invest and how you give.

It's how you understand how money works.

Man, there's no luck in getting rich and successful.

There are numbers.

So, how long can you live and sustain your current lifestyle if you lose your dear job T-O-D-A-Y?


Many people can't even imagine themselves jobless. Either they're superstars of their companies or they believe that they're too competent or too skilled for a company to lose them.

I used to be like that. I loved the thought of being an asset to a company. Irreplaceable.

I was wrong. Damn wrong.

Because in reality, companies can always hire another employee to replace you. A better employee than you probably were, mind you.

Let's go back to my opening question: Are you financially ready? If the answer is no, how long have you been working?

Now you're thinking! Let's continue...

How long have you been working again? So long that you forgot the number of years already?

Yet you haven't saved anything for an opportunity like this?

That's why I told you it's not mere luck.

It's being financially prepared for such opportunity.

Did I manage to scratch you ego?

I hope I did.

So what awaits you working for another x number of years? You are strong and more capable now. But you know the odds. Don't ignore them.

Four years ago, I work as hard as a horse thinking that all the hard work will pay-off in the future. Four years and boy did I get nothing. Few thrills, travels, gadgets just to cover a serious concern I have - I had zero savings.


Live Life!You know you're worth more than what the numbers on your payslip says.

You know you're bound to be somewhere else. Somewhere more rewarding. 

You know you're meant to do something more fulfilling. Something more profound.

Not unless your job had already made you forget your own life dreams.


Do you still live by your own dreams? Or you now live in the dreams made by the company for you?

How do you plan to get there?

If you're working hard enough and the output is almost just the same, think.

I'm not saying you resign from your job.

All I'm saying is that there must be another way.

Oh, and please take this genuine advice: Don't listen to your friends and relatives if they are having trouble managing their finances as well. Be wise to whom you'd listen, especially on the subject of investing. Many people will tell you You can't do that!, That's risky! or It's a scam!. Yet when you assess their financial situations, they too are in trouble and haven't done anything to be better. 

Why would you listen to someone who knows nothing about investing? It's like asking a doctor to fix a broken computer! Rather, find a friend, a teacher or a mentor in the form of blogs (ehem!), books, seminars or you can find a financial advisor - people who can significantly help you manage your finances properly and achieve your own dreams.

There is another way.


Then act.


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  1. analayze + analyze = paralyze

    1. True! Employees spend most of their lives working for a company they would never own. Almost everyone realize
      this, but most are afraid to face it so they fail to act.

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    I really like reading your article thanks Sir Jeff.

  3. tama na sourgraping,, party nalang tayo dito sa http://afiesta.com/

  4. Ilang araw pa lang ang nakalilipas magmula nang ma-discover ko ang blog na ito pero ang laki na agad nang naitulong sa akin. I am now enlightened. I'll try to invest kahit sa money market fund muna since "I'm very conservative" sa ngayon. Pero I believe na as I grow older, I will learn to take more risks when it comes to investing. More power, Sir Jeffrey! Thank You! ^_^

    1. Your Welcome, Just Arlo!

      Thanks for finding this blog helpful to you. I'm happy that I was able to "enlighten" you thru my blog. Continue educating yourself by reading more blogs and books about personal finance!

      Good Luck on your journey towards financial freedom and thanks again for your inspiring comment and for visiting Piso and Beyond! Cheers ^_^

  5. wow. im blown away. you really got me thinking.. i've been working for 8 years now and i have no savings. how pathetic is that?? :( i really need to do something. thanks for this powerful article. its very moving..

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for dropping by as well. I'm happy about the impact that this article had on you. I hope you start your journey towards your own financial freedom as well. Good Luck and God Bless. Remember that addressing the problem (and admitting your current situation) is already a step towards your goal! Cheers! ^_^


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