1 8 Ways to Beat Procrastination

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination
Many people struggle with procrastination not knowing the serious consequences it would cause in the long run. Procrastination is a state of mind in which you are not able to get the task done or even start dealing with it, which can jeopardize your productivity.
The problem is so widespread that more than a quarter of people claim to be chronic procrastinators nowadays.

10 Starting a Softdrinks Dealership Business

How to Start a Softdrinks Dealership Business
Most business advise would start from telling you about the location and the amount of capital that you'll need, and they were for good reasons.

Starting a softdrinks (and beer) dealership business, of course, is no exemption. But aside from the location and money, you'll also need a ton of patience, hardwork and a lot of network.

2 Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans

The Potato, Egg and Coffee Bean
There was once a daughter who kept complaining to her father about how miserable her life was and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it.

She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed as if she's dealing with a never-ending list of problems to go through.

6 The 10 Biggest Companies in the Philippines

The 10 Biggest Companies in the Philippines
Have you ever wondered which are the country's top companies? Or if which company is being patronized the most by Filipinos here and/or abroad?

One basic step in checking a company's status and performance is simply to check if it's listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange or PSE. After all, being listed in PSE takes a serious business with a serious income.

7 5 Things You Should Know About "Utang"

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Utang
It's no secret how debt can ruin a relationship, a business or our personal finances. Yet, no matter how informed people are about the cause-and-effect of it, many are still struggling when faced with the dilemma of making a decision: to lend or not to?

Be it for personal or small lending business, it all boils down to the character of the person we lend our money.

1 Millenials: Live Today, Save For Tomorrow

How Millennials Can Live Today While Saving for Tomorrow
Each generation faces certain challenges and enjoys certain advantages. New times set new requirements that bring new opportunities, so all people need to do is to adjust.

While previous generations were faced with recessions and shortages, Gen Y enjoys a relative stability and good things that the new round of history has brought.

3 5 Basic Rules of Investing in Stocks

Rules of Investing in StocksIf you're a seasoned trader or a disciplined investor already, kindly skip this post. You might even raise an eye brow with some of the things you'll read. You'll just get bored with all the usual stuffs you've been hearing since the day you knew about how to invest in stocks.

This post is for the newbies, who have finally started to invest but still want more guidance to make it work.

1 The Buddha and the Beggar

The Buddha and the BeggarFrom moral lessons to the many realizations that they bring, stories are really entertaining and powerful way to make us rethink life as we may have already know it.

Here's a short story that anonymously originated in Thailand about a homeless man and the Buddha. But instead of writing my own thoughts and realizations on this one, I'll let you have them on your own this time.

4 Your 5-Step Plan to Your Financial Freedom

Your 5-Step Plan to Your Financial FreedomAfter being inspired or somewhat triggered by an article you read or a meme you saw on the internet about money matters, depending on its impact, you'll never be the same person again. It's because you'll now be opened to seeing the other side of the coin.

Unfortunately, starting your journey towards financial freedom is not going to be a walk in the park.

3 How to Get Out of Debt in 8 Ways

How to Get Out of Debt
Debt can feel incredibly overwhelming to the point that it seems like a no-win dilemma. Debt not only cripple your finances, but it can also strain your personal relations and drown you in anxiety.
The issue of debt in the Philippines is somewhat different from Western countries because Filipinos often borrow from friends and family.

3 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Expenses

Ways to Reduce Daily ExpensesHave you noticed a greater void in your bank account due to your spending habits? Your daily expenses might be the culprit.

Whether you want to regain control over your finances, or you simply want to know how to reduce your common expenditures, here are seven easy ways to best give you control and lead you on a path of financial freedom.