Investments You Can Make With P5,000

Investments for just 5,000 Pesos
Today, we'll try to answer one of the most common question people ask when it comes to investing: 

Where can I inbest (invest in the best) my <insert value here> Pesos?

Have you asked this too? Or did someone ask you this question as well?

What Pushed Me to Blog

A letter to a friend
While looking for an old message from my mail's archive today, I saw an e-mail which I sent to someone last year (from the Sent Items folder, of course). 

The date was June 17, 2013. It was an e-mail intended for a friend of mine, doing my mighty best that time to help him move on from a sad and not-so-colorful love affair he just had that caused him some financial tragedy of his own.

Ang Superhero na Hindi Mo Kilala

Ang Superhero na Hindi Mo Kilala
Sinong superhero ang hindi mo kilala? Si Superman? Hulk? Spiderman? Iron Man? The Flash? O baka naman si Captain Barbell? Darna? Ang Panday?! Ay teka, si Cardo Dalisay ba??
Hmm..? 'Di ba 'yung hindi mo nga kilala?
Sinong superhero nga ba and hindi mo kilala? Sirit na?

How to Double Your Money

How to Double Your Money
We will double your money in just a week! So if you want to be reaaaally riiiiich, sell your properties now and invest the proceeds in our business! 
But wait, there's more! (Whoever invented this immortal marketing line is genius!) If you open not just one, but two accounts, your money will earn a commission bonus!

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