69 Starting a Softdrinks Dealership Business

How to Start a Softdrinks Dealership Business
Most business advise would start from telling you about the location and the amount of capital that you'll need, and they were for good reasons.

Starting a softdrinks (and beer) dealership business, of course, is no exemption. But aside from the location and money, you'll also need a ton of patience, hardwork and a lot of network.

To save you time from learning the basics of running this kind of business, allow me to teach you as much as I can in this article.

Please note that everything you're about to read are all based on the author's years of personal knowledge and experience from managing a softdrinks and beer dealership (wholesale, retail and delivery) business.

Market Saturation
At some point, I'm sure you've already heard or will be hearing a lot of this, “Naku, marami nang nag-gaganyan sa'tin.” True enough, when we started our softdrinks business, there were a lot of discouraging thoughts that we naively entertained, particularly those about our market already being saturated. But we refused to let go of our idea and pushed on! Indeed, you need to be stubborn and positive to get what you want in today's world full of “Naku, baka malugi ka. Buti pa ganito nalang.”

Market saturation in softdrinks business
But that's not to say that you just carry on without doing your homework. We pushed on with our plan because we studied the market and did some risk analysis. We started from an initial twenty thousand peso capital and grew the business steadily. Fast forward today, the business is still thriving, thanks to our commitment to grow our entrepreneurial spirit and the business.
Know your suppliers
This would have to be your very first step when you've finally decided that you really wanted to do this kind of business. Normally, big companies (such as San Miguel Brewery) only allow one direct dealer per town or municipality. So the first thing you should take a look at is if there's already an existing dealer for the brand in your place. There's a very slim chance that your area has no direct dealer of SMB yet, so if this is the case, then start as soon as you can! However, if there's already one, then that means you can only apply to become a sub-dealer of that particular brand. In short, instead of the mother company directly dealing with you, their dealer will accommodate you.

San Miguel warehouse

You also need to consider the terms of the supplier. Some are OK with mixing-up their products with other brands, while others are more strict and only want you to sell their products exclusively. From my personal experience, don't go into such terms, because you need to sell all brands available as possible. Customers would not want to buy Brand A from you and then go to another store to buy brand B (unless the price difference is really big). In addition, the terms of minimum purchase for delivery may vary. Some suppliers require a minimum of 30 cases for them to deliver, while others may require higher.

Price is King
As of this posting, here are the prevailing market price (range) of most of the common brands available (drum rolls):
Coca-Cola Philippines
Mismo (Coke/Royal/Sprite/Sarsi/Sparkle) - P108/pack (12)
Sakto - P112/case (24)
8oz. (Sprite/Royal) - P125/case (24)
Kasalo (Coke/Royal/Sprite) - P170/case (12)
Sparkle Mega - P152/case (12)
Sparkle 8oz. - P125/case (24)
Coke Litro - P224/case (12)
PET (1.5L Coke/Royal/Sprite) - P600/pack (12)
Wilkins 6L - P78/pc
Pepsi 8oz. - P112/case (24)
Mirinda - P118/case (24)
Mt. Dew 12oz. - P192/case (24)
7Up 12oz. - P192/case (24)
7Up 8oz. - P132/case (24)
Gatorade 8oz. - P210/case (24)
Asia Brewery
Cobra - P216/case (24)
Tanduay Ice - P480/case (24)
San Miguel Brewery
SMB Pale Pilsen - P590/case (24)
San Mig Light - P658/case (24)
San Mig Apple - P580/case (24)
Red Horse Beer - P410/case (12)
RC Cola
RC Cola 8oz. - P148/case (24)
RC Flavors 8oz. (Fruit Soda, Lemon, Rootbeer, Seetrus) - P148/case (24)
RC Mega (RC Cola, Fruit Soda, Lemon) - P220/case (12)

Please note that the prices stated here are NOT the SRP or the standard market price for each product. A plus/minus of five to ten pesos is advised.

Your location, if not obvious, would play a crucial role in the set-up and success of your business. If you plan to have it in your own place, you need to consider at least two things:
  1. the storage area where you can stock at least 50 or more cases and
  2. free delivery
Since you're not strategically located on a commercial spot, offering free delivery is the way to go in order to boost your sales. You can do this in three ways:
  1. do it yourself, to limit your expenses to only gasoline and some other occasional maintenance fees for your vehicle (e.g. flat tires, welding, tune-up, etc.),
  2. hire someone or
  3. find a person willing to do business with you in a win-win scenario where he will do the selling and delivery and you'll give him discount. You earn, he earns. The only caveat for this set-up is that he may realize how huge the potential is if he decides to open up his own business instead of just getting the products from you.
Softdrinks Delivery

If you prefer to put up your store in a commercial area, you (most likely) won't need to offer free delivery services anymore. This is because of the high foot traffic that your business will get because it's what you paid for, in the first place. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are higher operational costs for your employees (since you can't do it alone), rental, water and electrical fees.
How much you'll need
You may plan to start small and then add more capital as you learn more about the business. You can even go to junkshops or closed stores to find empty cases and bottles that are relatively cheaper compared when you buy them at your distributor.

Currently, here's what you need to know about the cases: 
  • Small cases have 24 bottles each; where a case costs P42 while each small bottle costs P2. Therefore, 1 case with complete empty bottles would cost P42 + (24 x P2) = P90.
  • Big cases have 12 bottles each; where a case costs P52 while each big bottle costs P4. Therefore, 1 case with complete empty bottles would cost P52 + (12 x P4) = 100.
Now that you have an idea of the actual prices for each product, you may now decide on how much capital you'll be needing for you to start. To make it graphic, here's a sampler:

Sample Computation 1

*10 cases of RC Cola 8oz.

RC Cola:
P112 x 10 = P1,120

P90 x 10 = P900

TOTAL: P2,020

Sample Computation 2

*20 cases of assorted Coke/Royal/Sprite Kasalo

P170 x 20 = P3,400

P100 x 20 = P2,000

TOTAL: P5,400

Sample Computation 3

*30 cases of Red Horse beer

Red Horse:
P405 x 30 = P12,150

P110 x 30 = P3,300

TOTAL: P15,450
Establish your market
Once you have your initial stocks, start letting the community know about your business. Make some calls to friends nearby who owns stores and ask if you can be their supplier. Check out your calendar and look for dates for known occasions such as fiestas. Prepare small business cards and a printed price list of your available products. Again, one of the advantages of being in a commercial area is that you don't have to do these things anymore. 

Establish your market
Dealing with Spoilage
One of the most common problem with this kind of business is spoilage. These are the products that no longer have sale value because of either breakage, expiry or manufacturing defects. You must also take note that products that are contained in plastic bottles have shorter shelf life (about 3 to 4 months from manufacturing) compared to those contained in glass bottles. Always check the expiry label in plastic bottles to ensure that you don't overstock. A product may have 4 months period before expiry date, but remember that they are not being delivered to you after production. Meaning, they are transferred or stored from the plant to the warehouse so by the time it reaches you, the product may only have 1 month shelf life!

Spoilage in softdrinks and beer

Dealing with Bottles and Cases
When it gets really hot, bottles have a higher tendency to break on their own even if it's just stacked or while in transit (I was not exempted, there was one time when I pulled a case upwards and one bottle broke, good thing I did not hurt myself). The solution is to simply store them in a location that is not exposed to sun light, or spray some water before being delivered to cool down the temperature (just advise your customers to wipe them upon delivery to prevent rusting on caps). Also, do not stock more than 5 cases.

How to store softdrinks cases
Promos and Marketing
Your customers are people - which makes it a no brainer to tell that giving them gifts will boost their loyalty to you. It's a simple way to show your appreciation for their patronage. A calendar, bottle opener, mug or umbrella are the common ones. You may also do a simple point-based reward system, where your customer gets a gift based on the sales you made on them (example 200-peso umbrella for Pedro and 50-peso mug for Jose). Make sure to announce the mechanics to them in order to avoid jealousy and misunderstandings. 

Monitor growth of business
You can also partner with existing establishments such as carinderias, sari-sari stores, canteens, bars, food stands and bakeries to expand your market. Reward them with special pricing or discounts for bulk orders.

Take care of your customers
It takes months to establish a solid relationship and only one late or failed delivery to ruin everything. This is fairly true especially when your competition in the area is tight. Customers tend to have this "privileged" attitude that they feel they can replace you anytime with other suppliers.

Save their contact numbers both in your phone and a notebook. In case your phone is lost or gets corrupted, you can easily inform them of your new phone number via call or text. Want more tip? Ask for their birthday and have them marked on your calendar. A simple text or call will surely be appreciated. You may also give them a simple gift if you wish.

Customer service sari-sari store
Register your business
Regardless if your business is in a commercial area or in your own place, registering your business is still a responsibility. The usual checklist would include:
  • Brgy. Business Permit
  • DTI Registration (valid for 5 years)
  • BIR Registration
  • Mayor's Permit
Business Permit  - Softdrinks business

Monitor your growth
Lastly, you need to monitor how your business is performing. Are you actually earning or just having enough to cover-up your expenses? One good way to do this is to have a simple spreadsheet (Excel) to list down all your expenses in a day or month, and your sales.
You can also use this to list down all your existing customers, their contact details and the last date when he or she placed an order so you can always get back on them. For example, if a customer has not been placing orders for over a month, then you can ask them why to find out. Did they replaced you as their supplier because someone offered them lower prices compared to yours? Or did their business closed? At least you would know and this could help you strategize.

Monitor growth of business

On taking profits
Much like a sari-sari store, your earnings from being a softdrinks and/or beer sub-dealer would only range between 2 to 20 pesos per case. Again, that's per case and NOT per bottle. So the number of sales is really the key to earning more. For example, if the profit per case of Red Horse beer is just P4, yet you're able to sell at least 50 cases per day, then that's 200 pesos profit per day for Red Horse alone!
You can take the profit in your business with the approach you want best for you. But here's my advise: NEVER TAKE PROFIT ON THE FIRST YEAR OF YOUR BUSINESS. When we started, we agreed that we will only take profits after the first year of the business. Meaning, all the earnings were rolled over on the business so we can grow it.

How to get net profit from business
When you're ready to earn the fruits of your hardwork, you can apply the Rule of 10 (meaning, you just get the 10% of the sales for each day as your profit), or you can save a fixed amount each day. You can also apply what we do in our business: we only get 50% of the net earnings. The remaining 50% is further divided into two: 20% is rolled over and 30% is saved on a local bank only to be used for future or major expenses (such as buying new delivery trike, store construction, etc.)

Contact Details
Are you excited to start but have no clue where to start? You can try asking stall or mini-grocery owners about the contact number of the agents that roam around your area. If you can't, then you may try contacting them directly. How?

Here's a little bonus. I'm listing all active contact details for each of the major distributors. From the headquarters, you'll probably be transferred to the nearest agent or warehouse in your area. Just be patient as some response takes a day or two. Note that the information posted herein are all publicly available on their respective websites and I do not guarantee that everything is active and working:

Coca-Cola Philippines
Tel: (02) 834-0526
Mobile: 0923-845-5930
Web: https://www.coca-colafemsa.com/contact.html

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.
Tel: (02) 88PEPSI
Web: https://www.pepsiphilippines.com/contact.php

RC Cola
Tel: (02) 712-0941
Web: http://www.arc.com.ph/contact.html

San Miguel
Tel: (02) 632-BEER
Mobile: 0922-632-2337
Web: http://www.sanmiguelbrewery.com.ph/contact-us.php

Emperador, Inc.
Tel: (632) 421-0671
Web: http://www.emperadorbrandy.com/contact.html

Your Turn
How was it? Did you find these tips helpful? If you're running this kind of business as well, please share your ideas and experiences on the comments section so other people can learn from you as well.

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