What's Wrong With Our Educational System?

Philippine Educational System
Have you ever wondered why there are students who make it to High School (worse College) who can't even read? 

No, I do not wish to make fun of these students. Who am I to do that? I feel bad for them. But I don't blame them for such weakness. I blame the system. I blame the system that makes them believe that they are ready -- when in cold reality, they're not...or at least not yet.

Why Doing a Business May Not Be For You

Employment to Business
Think of a shark placed inside a small aquarium. Do you think he will ever grow to a size as huge as he should actually be? No, because his size will be limited with that of the aquarium. Now put the same shark on the ocean. Will he grow bigger? 

Yes, but the growth will be hard for him. Why? Because living in the wild would be totally different

15 Rules to Gain Respect as a Leader

Leaders must influence others in order to achieve goals, and they must gain the respect of their followers in order to influence them. 

This is no easy task, but if you want to have the respect of your followers and become an influential leader, these simple rules will help you whether you are just beginning your leadership journey or have been leading already.

The Book of Salamat

Book of Salamat
The story below was adapted from Book of Salamat (Book of Thanks) which originated here in the Philippines. The characters and the way it was told here will be different from its original version. 

The original version's characters were gardeners while the characters used in this story were businessmen, to provide readers a story that relates with today's trend.

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