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No one wants to read about failed businesses. Everyone wants to read about the next Henry Sy or Jack Ma, but most of the time, things don't work out as planned for the business owner. 

When we started our home-based business, we’ve always had that vision to grow the business and succeed.

Things That Adults Spend Too Much On

Squeezed Wallet
It has only been a few months since your first ever paycheck. The money seems a lot at first but you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, or even struggling to survive till the next month. 

This is a situation that is not exclusive to you. Many young adults are having trouble managing their finances and they tend to spend a little bit too much on unnecessary things.

The Parable of Stewardship: Revisited

The Parable of Stewardship
A wealthy man goes to a faraway land to build a new housing project to expand his business,  and he'll be gone for three years. So he summoned his three faithful servants and gave each one hundred thousand pesos.

“Take this with you and grow my money as much as you can for I shall collect them with interest when I come back exactly three years from now.”, he declared.

AXA iON - 3 Steps to Financial Freedom

AXA iONThey say there's “IF” in LIFE: either you die too soon or you live too long! How do you prepare for both possibilities? IF it's too soon, getting a life insurance is arguably your best choice to make sure your loved ones are taken care of even when you're gone.

IF it's too long, saving, investing and getting a health insurance are your best options to help you face the cost of living a long life.

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