The Builders of Middle East

Whether you plan to buy (and sell for profit later) the property or have it rented out as means of earning passive income, real estate investments would always be one of the most wanted item in one's portfolio.

In the Philippines, we have several giants including Ayala Land, SMDC, Megaworld, Double Dragon and DMCI among many others.

7 Tips on How to Write a Winning Resume

How to Write a Good Resume
When it comes to hiring, most employers are clear with two major issues they normally face: (1) shortage of candidates and (2) lengthy hiring practices.

Don’t get this wrong; they do get job applications. On an average, however, about 118 people apply for a job, but only 20% of them are actually called or considered for an interview.

Which Investment is Best for You?

What is the best Investment
The are many ways to grow your money. It's just a matter of knowing which among these opportunities would best help you meet your targets. That's why one of the most important advise you'll get before starting is to always consider your plan, target and timeline.

Identifying these three is very crucial in deciding which investment vehicle will make most sense to you.

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination
Many people struggle with procrastination not knowing the serious consequences it would cause in the long run. Procrastination is a state of mind in which you are not able to get the task done or even start dealing with it, which can jeopardize your productivity.

The problem is so widespread that more than a quarter of people claim to be chronic procrastinators nowadays.

Starting a Softdrinks Dealership Business

How to Start a Softdrinks Dealership Business
Most business advise would start from telling you about the location and the amount of capital that you'll need, and they were for good reasons.

Starting a softdrinks (and beer) dealership business, of course, is no exemption. But aside from the location and money, you'll also need a ton of patience, hardwork and a lot of network.

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