7 Tips on How to Write a Winning Resume

How to Write a Good Resume
When it comes to hiring, most employers are clear with two major issues they normally face: (1) shortage of candidates and (2) lengthy hiring practices.

Don’t get this wrong; they do get job applications. On an average, however, about 118 people apply for a job, but only 20% of them are actually called or considered for an interview.

That’s either because they are not qualified enough or their resumes were not convincing enough.

You can take care of that first issue easily: you’ll apply only to job you’re qualified for. As for the convincing resume, it will take a bit of work, but you’ll make it, so let's get straight to the 7 important tips on how to write a job-winning resume.

1. Open with a Bang
An employer won’t give much consideration to your resume if you don’t capture their attention from the very start. That’s why the first two sentences are so important.

Open with a Bang

Imagine you’re in an elevator with this employer and you have only few seconds to introduce yourself and say why you’re great for the job. That’s the summary of your resume, known as a resume objective. It’s optional, but highly recommended when you know how to write it.

Social media marketing expert with over seven years of experience in designing marketing strategies, attracting audience, and implementing a broad range of realignment activities for nine Facebook pages.

See? One sentence can give you the necessary space to say tons of things about yourself.

2. Match It to the Job
There’s no such thing as a universal resume. If you already have an old resume, leave it aside. Go through this job description very carefully. Imagine you’re the employer. Is the resume relevant? If not, adjust it to highlight the most relevant experience, skills, and interests.

Match it to the Job

3. Be Specific

Which sentence is more convincing?

(1.) Worked in a culturally diverse environment for 3 years.

(2.) Over the course of three years, initiated seven projects and delivered exceptional results on 24 projects on cultural diversity for the Red Cross.   

Of course it’s the second one. It includes persuasive words like initiated and delivered. It’s more specific, since it tells the employer what organization you worked for and how many projects you were part of. It’s more trustworthy, just like a proper resume should be.

Be specific

4. Don’t Include Everything
You have tons of experience and you hold several degrees and certificates, so you procrastinate the moment of writing because you think it will be easy to put all that info in a resume? Oh, you’re wrong!

Do not include everything

If the list of jobs, accomplishments, volunteer activities, degrees, and skills is too long, you must edit it out. You don’t want to present a huge chunk of text over several pages. The employer doesn’t have time for that. Include only relevant information.

5. Mind the Formatting
Don’t even think about using a fancy font that’s hard to read. Keep it simple with readable fonts like Arial, Courier New, or Times New Roman. Use bulleted style, so you’ll make the resume easy to read.

Mind the formatting

Make sure to include all important sections and make them look good on the page. You may use a template to get inspired regarding the design. However, you mustn’t get too inspired and copy the content, too.

6. Stick to Simplicity
Take a look at this.. 

Was engaged in a highly successful leadership role for controlling transformation from an ineffective top-down organizational system that suffered from low customer service satisfaction scores to a more decentralized model focused on every employee’s accountability towards customers.

Remember: the last thing you want to do is write a sentence that leaves the employer wondering: “Ano daw?”

Stick to simplicity

Use simple language. Avoid all unnecessary words. You can use a tool like Hemingway Editor to make sure you’re not complicating things.

7. Hire a Writer

You don’t have time to start working on your writing skills? You need a convincing resume right now? The first thing you should do is try to follow the remaining tips of this article and write that resume. If that doesn’t work, you can hire a writer from a service like RushMyEssay.

A professional writer will know how to complete an attention-grabbing resume. This will still be your own job application. You’ll tell the writer what information you want the content to include, and you’ll get it by the deadline you set.

Hire a writer

Writing a convincing resume is a huge challenge. However, it’s not an impossible thing to do. If you make the opening impressive, you include relevant information, you make it readable, and you format it right, you’ll be on the right track. If you get stuck, you can always get help. The important thing is to get this done and apply for that job you’re after!
Author Bio:
Brandon Stanley is a professional independent journalist. He is interested in writing articles concerning career and education. Follow him on Twitter.

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