Understanding Mutual Funds

Understanding Mutual Funds
One day, Bron and his friend Kobe went out for a coffee..

Bron: “How's your knee doing?”

Kobe: It's still a bit swollen. Doc' says it'll take a couple more weeks.

Bron: I thought it would be just days and you'd be fine?

5 Questions to Ask in Every MLM Company

5 Questions to Ask in Every MLM CompanyThere are so many network-marketing companies today, some are decade-old, some are months-old. Often you'll hear that ABC company sells this, XYZ company uses a 123 binary system, DEF company is better than others, and the tireless marketing and branding efforts go on. 

While MLM or simply networking is a great business model, some people are still misinformed about it. 

How My Financial Journey Started

Financial Freedom
One day, I bumped into an old friend.

Hey, I saw your blog! PisoandBeyond.com, right?

I smiled and nodded.

What happened? he asked. I looked confused. I didn't get his point. 

Why You Should Start Thinking BIG

Think Big!
If someone would offer you a good investment worth 20,000 pesos that you can get ONLY today, are you financially and mentally prepared?


Do you have enough opportunity savings in your bank or cash drawer?

What's This Thing Called "Sour Graping"?

Sour Graping
There was once a fox in a forest. He was so hungry and was desperately looking for something to eat when he saw a grape oh so violet! 

Suddenly, the fox had another problem. He was a little short to grab the fruit! So he kept jumping and jumping in an attempt to get his food. He kept on jumping and jumping until he got tired. 

How to Deal with #PogiProblems

One awkward and naughty moment and you know what you're dealing with. The move is either a make or a break on most of us (men), which often leaves us wonder What's the best thing to do when such situation presents itself? 

How do you deal with pogi problems? I've shortlisted a few of these moments and asked a member of the pogi clan to help me solve our dilemma.

Save and Invest Like an 11 Year Old

Save and Invest Like a Kid
Financial literacy has always been a key problem to many. And unless our education system starts to finally integrate financial awareness for the real world, this will always be a dilemma to many people, including those with diplomas. So I gladly took the challenge upon myself!

My goal? Teach 3 kids how money can work for them.  

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