The 90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey

The 90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey
What is this Principle? Have you heard this before? It's a very powerful principle if you can apply it to yourself!
10% of life is made up of what happens to you.
90% of life is decided by how you react.
What does this mean?

A Noisy Lesson From a Frog

Focus on Goals and what you can control
There was once a frog who lived somewhere (I don't really know, trust me). One day, the frog accidentally fell on a hole -- a shallow well. Upon examining, he quickly realized how high it would require to jump over the hole in order to go back outside!

Looking around, he saw many other frogs around him. Some were same his age, some were even older than him.

Good Debt, Bad Debt

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling personal finance book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, had successfully identified the difference between an asset and a liability. He also genuinely dismissed the idea that all debts are bad and even went on to say that the rich have huge debts! 

But what sets apart the rich from the poor if both carry debts anyway? 

Kurot Principle

Kurot Principle
Maaaring nabasa mo na ang article na ‘to dati. Kung hindi man sa libro kung saan ito isinulat nila Vic at Avelynn Garcia, malamang ay sa Facebook, 'di ba?

Ngayon kung hindi mo pa ‘to nabasa, ayos! Pero tandaan mo na ang article na mababasa mo ngayon ay hango lamang sa librong “Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan Mo?”

Change The Way You Think About Investing

Thirsty Man
Allow me to quote one of my favorite stories from one of my favorite mentors. The story below was written by Bo Sanchez, a preacher and a finance guru in the Philippines

The story talks about how to handle risk, especially on the subject of investing. Many of us loved to do something more rewarding, yet not all are brave enough to handle fear -- a product of our own negative thoughts.

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