A Noisy Lesson From a Frog

Focus on Goals and what you can control
There was once a frog who lived somewhere (I don't really know, trust me). One day, the frog accidentally fell on a hole -- a shallow well. Upon examining, he quickly realized how high it would require to jump over the hole in order to go back outside!

Looking around, he saw many other frogs around him. Some were same his age, some were even older than him.

He stared at them and even without a single word, they were able to tell him that they were stuck in the place for a long period of time already and have no chance to see the outside world again.

But he turned his back and faced the wall again. He began to jump as high as he could. But he barely saw the light outside the hole! Finally, one of the elders shouted It's no use! Believe me, we tried many times, but it never worked! Another yelled Just enjoy your stay here with us!

But the young frog refused to stop! He persisted and kept trying. Each day, he would jump higher than his usual jump. 

Little by little, he started to saw the light outside the hole.

One day, the frog finally made it outside the well! The other frogs couldn't believe what they just saw! Some were rejoicing, others were in disbelief. They were even saying that it was some sort of magic...or luck...or whatever it is! They never realized that the limbs of that frog got bigger and stronger from his day to day attempt to jump off the well. 

It is when they realized that the frog -- was deaf -- so he kept ignoring what they tried to tell him every time he tried to jump his way out.

- o0o -


How about you?

How many times have you actually tried to jump off from where you are right now?

How many times have you tried to get financial troubles behind you?

How many times have you tried to work for your life dreams?

And how many times during those attempts did someone you know of told you to quit? Or to stop because it doesn't work? Did you listen to them?

When I and my business partners decided to do a business, people around us, including my relatives, kept on saying that
the market is already saturated or it's not a profitable business and it's not a stable business.

Did we listen? 

Hell no.


Why not.

Tell me, how could we listen to these people who haven't even tried to do business other than a sari-sari store? We ignored what they say (but not them), and pursued what successful people taught us:  to focus on our goals and ignore the distractions.

Here's some good news: You don't actually need to be deaf or be blind to ignore the outside noise and discouragements around you. You just need to focus! At the end of the day, when you're able to achieve your goals, all the discouragements and those who doubted you won't matter anyway.

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    C ourse
    U ntil
    S uccessful

  2. I've heard this first from some friends who are into MLM. They say it's a very popular MLM "fable".

  3. What a perfect story to tell in MLM business orientations.


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