Checklist for New Business Registration

Running your own business requires a lot of your time, energy, money and sometimes, patience. And, just like having a new born baby, you wouldn't want to raise him or her without having an actual name, would you?

That's why it's important that you register your business, not just for legal matters, but for future plans such as business expansions. 

Juan's 360 Degree Financial Journey

Juan's 360 Degree Financial Journey
Juan's life got better than it was before. He is living the life but he's reserved with his career and flow of income. I have everything I need., he tells himself. 

Few years later, Juan got married. 

One night, after watching a TV commercial from a known financial institution, he told himself, I should have one.

Networking Tips for College Success

Networking Tips fo College Success
College students go through school thinking of lectures, parties or dating. Rarely do the students think of what the future holds especially after graduation. 

Networking is a core activity that students can undertake in school to build relationships that will help them get jobs after completion. Many jobs are not externally advertised, so there is the need for this relationships to know about jobs.

Opening a Mutual Fund Account in 5 Steps

Five Steps to open Mutual Fund - Philippines
Since published a couple of articles about investing in Mutual Funds, I have received quite a lot of inquiries via email (thru Contact Form of this site)

And since these questions are almost the same (e.g. How do I start? What should I do?), I finally decided to write a one-stop-know-it-all article that would take readers the "real" step-by-step guide to opening a Mutual Funds account

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