When is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Travel Insurance
When you’re planning for a trip abroad, one thing often overlooked- or left till the last-minute- is travel insurance. No matter how careful you are, there are various factors and circumstances out of your control that can really put a dent in your travel plans. 

Travel insurance doesn’t come cheap and sometimes it just adds unnecessary financial weight on top of the other expenses already accumulated for your trip. 

Super8 Grocery Alert: 3-Day Sale!

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
What are your plans with your 13th month salary? I hope your psychological wallet is larger than it was a year ago. Because if not, then possibly, you're still like a lot of employees who have already planned ahead where to spend it, what depreciating gadget to buy or not surprisingly, ubos na hindi pa dumarating.

But for those who wants change, then do it NOW. Because sometimes,  later becomes never.

Types of Cooperative

As a continuation to the lessons that we have learned from Macoy about joining a cooperative (and how it could help you), today, let's check out the basic types of cooperative we have here in the Philippines. 

Have you visited a coop near you already? How about asking your HR if your company or current employer has an existing cooperative

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