The Book of Salamat

Book of Salamat
The story below was adapted from Book of Salamat (Book of Thanks) which originated here in the Philippines. The characters and the way it was told here will be different from its original version. 

The original version's characters were gardeners while the characters used in this story were businessmen, to provide readers a story that relates with today's trend.

The story begins with two businessmen.

Although they were poor, they took pride in each of their company. Their business have both the element of networking. The first businessman would recruit his friends, relatives and the entire village and keep the referral commission all to himself, while his next-door neighbor would help his friends, relatives and the entire village by selling his products and was happy when they would say, Salamat! because of the great effect his products have on them.

Fool! his selfish neighbor told him one day, You work so hard to sell your products. If I were you, I'd recruit them instead and keep the commissions. Look at me, I will be able to build a big house next year with my money!

The generous businessman just smiled and continued working and mastering ways on how he could help people get better by taking and using the products he sells.

He was actually having difficulty in saving money for repairing his home for the rainy season, but he found this word of thanks more precious than money! Salamat...Salamat...Salamat he noted each line of thanks in a book every night.

The greedy businessman soon earned his first million and had enough money from recruiting people to build a large house! One day, he heard about the good man's book and laughed. Let's see where his Book of Salamat will bring that crazy fool he said to himself. He then called out to his neighbor, Hey there, don't you wish you had a house as big as mine? he asked. You have quite a beautiful house, his humble neighbor answered, but I'm happy enough here.

Months passed and the rains came. It was when the good man realized he truly needed money to fix his home. He spotted his Book of Salamat and had a bright idea.

The next morning...

Salamat for sale! Who wants to buy my Book of Salamat?

The townsfolk saw the businessman selling his book and thought he had gone crazy!

Book of what?! they would often say.

He went all around the village offering his Book of Salamat to any buyer. Word spread and reached the Sultan's palace. What's that man selling? the Sultan asked his guards. He had never heard of anyone selling such and thought that he must have heard it wrong! Bring him to me, His Majesty commanded. And the businessman was summoned.

I'm selling a Book of Salamat, Your Majesty! the man explained. He opened his book and the Sultan saw the word Salamat written all over. The words were written in clear, fine and honest handwriting. "This man is no fool! the Sultan said to himself.

How much do you want for this book, my good man? the Sultan finally asked.

I shall sell my book for whatever it will weigh in gold, the man answered humbly. The Sultan then told his attendants to bring forth his weighing scale. He placed the book on one scale and a piece of gold on the other.

The book was heavier!

He placed another piece of gold, but the book was still heavier! No matter how much gold the Sultan placed upon the scale, the book still weighed heavier!

Finally, the Sultan brought out a bag of gold and said, There, young man, take your gold and leave me in peace!

And the businessman happily left and was able to build himself a bigger house than his neighbor's in several days' time. His neighbor got so jealous! He thought of a plan to get richer.

After learning about his neighbor's good fortune, he immediately bought a thicker and heavier book and hurriedly filled it with the word Salamat. He even asked some of the people he recruited to help him write the word Salamat all over the book!

Following what his good neighbor did, the greedy man asked to be paid as much as the book will weigh in gold. The Sultan placed a bag of gold on the scale, but the bag was heavier. He then removed half of the gold. The bag was still heavier. Finally, some gold dust was left on the bag. Alas! it was still heavier.

How can that be?" the businessman said, My book is gigantic! And I labored for two weeks writing that word Salamat over and over again!

Aha!" exclaimed the Sultan, Poor man, you may spend a lifetime writing down the word, but if it doesn't come straight from the hearts of grateful men you have recruited to join you in your business, it is meaningless.

And to the dismay of the selfish man, the wise Sultan ordered his guards to take him outside to be punished in front of the people.

- o0o -

This is an epic story that should be heard by all those self-made-millionaires of just-recruit-all-you-can-and–don’t-care-if-the-product-works type of MLM companies. They seem to have overdosed themselves with all the hypes and promises of huge money and good fortune their company has offered them. 

I'd like to think that the words Salamat written all over the book represent the money that the two businessmen had. The first, being earned from a genuine intention to help others weighs far more precious than the huge money earned by the second because of the lack of significance he had from the people who believed him.

Your skills may have given you a brand new car, a new condo unit or a million peso savings account. But were you able to improve the lives of those who trusted you? If you were not able to help them achieve financial freedom by joining you, who are you to brag your wealth and speak divine knowledge about Financial Freedom?

Remember that your significance and not your self-proclaimed success is what will matter most in the eyes of our own Creator.

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  1. nice article Jeff! worth sharing!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2014

    Good story and great closing opinion Jeff! I just wished you named these companies at ng mabawasan ang non-sense items sa news feed ko! LoL

  3. awesome post. thanks!

  4. if only all networking (o kahit anong company pa) is done the right way.....or should i ask, is there?

    1. As a network marketer, I admit many companies and teams out there have bad (unethical) practices of doing business. But rest assured na these same teams aren't the ones who are making money - dahil eventually everyone in the team quits (dahil may konsensiya naman ang mga tao...)

      The ones making money in MLM are those who are very professional, and at the same time hardworking in the business. Madalas hindi mo lang sila nababalitaan kasi wala nga naman silang attention na dina-draw sa paligid nila - they are doing it properly, and they are the ones that make money :)

  5. BIG QUESTION is meron bang ganyan ngayon lahat na lang ata after the commission, can't blme them kasi thats' the reason why they join in the first place.

  6. i know a lot of people like the "greedy" guy in this story..what makes it worse is that most of them were my friends. hihi

  7. I won't ask you to name anyone be it a person or his company that is like the as*hole in this story. What I do want to know is if there's actually a guy or a company that is as good as the "good guy" in this story. Salamat...Salamat...Salamat...

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  10. Olive FayeApril 21, 2024

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