Wealth & Wisdom Circle with Chinkee Tan!

Chinkee Tan
It took a while before I was able to pull of another invite for this section. Whew! But it's worth the long wait! Again, this is to feature individuals who inspire and influence us one way or another

These are the people we look up to -- investors, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists -- role models in their own, big way... and we call it the Wealth & Wisdom Circle series.

The Great Salesmen

The Great Salesmen
One day, some of the greatest and seasoned salesmen from around the world gathered for an international convention. They were invited to share (and boast) some of their best skills in the field of sales and marketing.

There were practitioners, brokers, researchers, network-marketers, marketing specialists, agents, dealers and freelancers among many other skilled salesmen that came to witness the invite-only gathering.

6 Mind Tricks to Help You Save More

I am sure you have heard a lot of financial experts say that in order to get rich, you need to earn more while spending less.  This advice may really be effective, but it is actually more difficult than it sounds.  

When temptations start to present themselves, all your firm resolutions start to melt.  But don’t worry.  This doesn’t mean it is impossible.  

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