Tuparin Ang Pangarap: A Graduation Speech

Tuparin Ang Pangarap: A Graduation Speech
This was my monumental speech delivered on March 2014 for the graduates of Old San Jose Elementary School, the institution that first held and molded me to be the man I am today. 

While I tried my best to find the original source and authors of some of the quotable quotes I used, some may have still remained uncredited.

Mga Panget Na Mukha ng Pitaka

Mukha ng Pitaka
Ang wallet ay may mukha? Malamang na-curious ka. Well oo, meron nga. Pero kung may natitira ka pang bait, dapat alam mong hindi literal ang ibig kong sabihin. (Peace!) Ang ibig sabihin ng title ng article na ‘to eh tungkol sa iba‘t ibang pagkatao mo tuwing may pera ka at wala. Malinaw ba?   

Hmm...maniniwala ka ba na sa tuwing dadaan ang pera sa mga palad mo, nag-iiba ang pagkatao mo?

Is Network Marketing Business A Scam?

Network Marketing
One day, a friend from the past has resurfaced from the unknown. One message popped out on Facebook saying Hi, how are you? The next day, a mini chit-chat, and then a text message, then a phone call, then before you knew it, he's selling you something. The worse part? He kidnapped you for what appeared to be a product presentation.

But wait, there's more!

4 Kinds of Love

4 Kinds of Love
This list is basically a naughty humor that has matured over time, until one crazy blogger put it into writing. Ha-ha!
But before proceeding, let me remind you that these types of love were just immaturely based on the appearance of each couple so we'd not really give a damn about the X's and O's. 

Is Your Tax Bigger than Your Savings?

Every time you see your payslip, what's the first thing you check? I guess it would be logical to check your Net Pay first, or your actual take home money right after all the deductions have been subtracted to your Gross Salary.

Does it excite you to check your payslip, knowing that someone you don't know was actually the first to get his shares?

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