EntrepZone.com: Helping SMEs Go Forward

No one wants to read about failed businesses. Everyone wants to read about the next Henry Sy or Jack Ma, but most of the time, things don't work out as planned for the business owner. 

When we started our home-based business, we’ve always had that vision to grow the business and succeed.

And while we were able to grow the business from a few thousand pesos to span its growth, we always knew that we’d need bigger money if we want to seriously consider making it bigger.

The problem was that securing a business loan was an urban legend for us at the time. Just thinking who we would need to talk to made us cringe! How we wished there was some kind of NegosyoMoPalakihinNatin.com for entrepreneurs as there is facebook.com to connecting people.

But let’s not fret about yesterday! Because today, an online marketplace for business owners was launched!


Closing the gap
EntrepZone.com is a website that provides convenience and access to entrepreneurs looking for loans, investors or other businesses to acquire. It empowers SME owners by helping them reach out to banks and other financial institutions, such as securing loans for business expansion, or finding investors who might be interested in funding their business, or finding an already established business to buy!

Not only that. Because EntrepZone.com also allows you to to list your business and provide a venue for potential investors to discover your business! The site is also working on a feature called “Pitchbook”, which will allow you to create a portfolio for your business to be sent to your preferred bank or financing company, instead of making numerous trips to the bank and speaking to a lot of bank managers. How’s that for convenience?

According to its founder and CEO Greg Ballesteros Rivera,
A large proportion of business owners facing various prospects and challenges don’t have access to advisors or investment banks to help them sell or raise funds for their businesses”. Only a handful of SMEs gain access to the services of the big accounting firms such as Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, advisors, and investment banks. This leaves out a majority of SME players, especially those outside the big cities. This gap between the supply of service providers and the demand for their services is the driving factor behind the creation of EntrepZone.com, as it aims to bridge the gap by simply signing-up and listing their business on the website.

More than just a website
Aside from offering an online business for sale marketplace, EntrepZone.com also offers advisory services for entrepreneurs who might need them. It’s a team of dedicated experts that has more than 15 years of experience in financial advisory, consulting and private equity. 

Their services include financial due diligence, commercial due diligence, valuation, financial modeling, business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, tax advisory, fund raising and investor sourcing, and accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Empowering entrepreneurs during the critical stages of their business, EntrepZone.com is a marketplace for those who want to sell their businesses and for startups looking for investors.


What business do you have in mind? Visit EntrepZone.com today! Receive cool updates like this when you subscribe to PisoandBeyond!


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