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A letter to a friend
While looking for an old message from my mail's archive today, I saw an e-mail which I sent to someone last year (from the Sent Items folder, of course). 

The date was June 17, 2013. It was an e-mail intended for a friend of mine, doing my mighty best that time to help him move on from a sad and not-so-colorful love affair he just had that caused him some financial tragedy of his own.

Below was the copy of the e-mail I sent him (Sorry I needed to hide some details. You know why, right?)

A letter to a friend

This was actually one of the (hmm..five?) many reasons why I committed myself to start blogging in the name of personal finance. I preached like a priest there, and that's when one of my light bulb moments came which made me think of how many people out there are financially broke like my friend? How many of them need help, a guide, or a simple advice that could come from a not-so-formal guy whose coat-and-tie scares the hell out of the ordinary Juan?

Going back to my friend's story. Well, there's no magic or divine intervention that happened if that was what you're waiting. Of course he did not take my e-mail seriously. He got more debts, more financial trouble thinking one debt would cover the other. But I just did not stop. Well, I would, but indefinitely. 

Fast forward today, my friend managed to pay about 80% of his debts, and is few months away from declaring his own freedom from his debt. After that, we'll work on his investments and who knows, a business partner this time.


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