Is Your Excuse Bigger Than Your Dream?

Be Serious with Your Dreams
I have attended a personal finance assembly when the speaker (who happens to be one of my mentors) told us this story. Well, he was actually the young and successful man in the story:

A young and successful business coach is having a discussion with a young woman who works as an accountant in a local accounting firm. 

Differentiating an Asset from a Liability

Assets and Liabilities
One of the many Personal Finance advocates' gifts to the world is sharing their unconventional wisdom regarding their approach to money and investing. 

Robert Kiyosaki, in particular, defined Asset and Liability in their simplest forms none of my Accounting teachers back in High School and College could have explained better (I hope my Accounting teachers forgive me!).

The Fable of a Human Dream

Human Dreams Forest
On a bright and sunny day, Cat and Dog visited their friends Cow, Pig, Elephant and Monkey on a nearby forest.  Where the exact location of the forest was is none of your business. What you should be asking instead is why on Earth are these two together? 

Well, you might not know this, but Dog used to love Cat so much, until Cat chose to friendzone him one day.

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