Checklist for New Business Registration

Running your own business requires a lot of your time, energy, money and sometimes, patience. And, just like having a new born baby, you wouldn't want to raise him or her without having an actual name, would you?

That's why it's important that you register your business, not just for legal matters, but for future plans such as business expansions. 

Juan's 360 Degree Financial Journey

Juan's 360 Degree Financial Journey
Juan's life got better than it was before. He is living the life but he's reserved with his career and flow of income. I have everything I need., he tells himself. 

Few years later, Juan got married. 

One night, after watching a TV commercial from a known financial institution, he told himself, I should have one.

Networking Tips for College Success

Networking Tips fo College Success
College students go through school thinking of lectures, parties or dating. Rarely do the students think of what the future holds especially after graduation. 

Networking is a core activity that students can undertake in school to build relationships that will help them get jobs after completion. Many jobs are not externally advertised, so there is the need for this relationships to know about jobs.

Opening a Mutual Fund Account in 5 Steps

Five Steps to open Mutual Fund - Philippines
Since published a couple of articles about investing in Mutual Funds, I have received quite a lot of inquiries via email (thru Contact Form of this site)

And since these questions are almost the same (e.g. How do I start? What should I do?), I finally decided to write a one-stop-know-it-all article that would take readers the "real" step-by-step guide to opening a Mutual Funds account

When is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Travel Insurance
When you’re planning for a trip abroad, one thing often overlooked- or left till the last-minute- is travel insurance. No matter how careful you are, there are various factors and circumstances out of your control that can really put a dent in your travel plans. 

Travel insurance doesn’t come cheap and sometimes it just adds unnecessary financial weight on top of the other expenses already accumulated for your trip. 

Super8 Grocery Alert: 3-Day Sale!

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
What are your plans with your 13th month salary? I hope your psychological wallet is larger than it was a year ago. Because if not, then possibly, you're still like a lot of employees who have already planned ahead where to spend it, what depreciating gadget to buy or not surprisingly, ubos na hindi pa dumarating.

But for those who wants change, then do it NOW. Because sometimes,  later becomes never.

Types of Cooperative

As a continuation to the lessons that we have learned from Macoy about joining a cooperative (and how it could help you), today, let's check out the basic types of cooperative we have here in the Philippines. 

Have you visited a coop near you already? How about asking your HR if your company or current employer has an existing cooperative

Hidden Costs of Buying Real Estate

When saving up for a home, you have to put together an amount that’s greater than the property’s price. 

The reason behind this is that the price of the property itself isn’t the only cost you pay for. 

Purchasing a home requires various payments that are often seen as hidden costs because they’re often not mentioned until the transaction begins.

8 Ways to Earn Passive Income

How to earn Passive Income
As I was inside a McDonald's store the other night to attend a workshop, I noticed the trash bins in front of me (an introvert personality was with me that night that I'd rather notice the trash bins than the people coming).  

I was just amazed with the terms they used to describe the garbage: residual and recyclable. Poof! An idea struck me.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Condo

What to consider when buying a condo
As real estate values continue to appreciate and the availability of land continues to decrease, more and more people are beginning to realize the advantages of urban living. Condo sales are currently at an all-time high, with no sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Now while a condo is the ideal place in terms of affordability and comfort, there are some considerations that need to be made when you buy a unit.

How Failures Can Tame The Shark in You

How Failures can tame the Shark in You
I hope you learn something valuable on this short story. The author of which is unknown.

During a research experiment a marine biologist placed a shark into a large holding tank and then released several small bait fish into the tank. As you would expect, the shark quickly swam around the tank, attacked and ate the smaller fish.The marine biologist then inserted a strong piece of clear fiberglass into the tank, creating two separate partitions.

9 Proven Ways to Become Rich

How to be richOur own definition of being rich will always be different. Some would define it as being able to afford the things that they want such as a Maldives get-away or a cup of coffee on their own Starbucks, or being able to drive a nice, luxury car.

For others, it could also mean as simple as being able to spend quality time with the people they love.

Getting to Know a Cooperative

Getting to Know a Cooperative
Meet Macoy, a pedicab driver. For the benefit of those who are not aware of what a pedicab is, it's simply a three-wheeled bicycle which runs not on engine, but by pedaling. One ride would cost you about 10 to 20 pesos, depending on the distance.

So what financial lessons do you think can we learn from someone like Macoy?

7 Legal Ways to Minimize Tax Liabilities

Minimize Tax
Whether you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a self-employed law-abiding citizen, I'm sure you'll find great interest while reading this guest post 7 ways that can actually lower down your tax liabilities without the fear of having Kim Henares hunting you! Good thing you landed on this page, as you're about to learn simple and practical things you can do for you and your business!

Ready to find out? Let's go!

How Technology Puts the Buyer in Control

The real estate business has for long been considered to be an ambiguous domain where the information related to the product and the end product can be entirely different. 

However the industry has witnessed the highest growth amongst all other because it presented itself in the country only two and half decades earlier. The growth of the real estate business may not be structured but that has not affected the demand for housing across the country.

The Bank Account You Didn't Know Exist

Bank Account You Don't Know Exists
Ever dreamed of having a healthy bank account of your own? Do you find it sweet? Now what if there's actually a bank account that credits your own each morning with a lot of money? If you don't know about this bank yet, it's OK. Don't panic. Nope. This bank isn't BDO or BPI (or one of those commercial banks) we have in the Philippines.

Let me share with you more about it with a short story from an unknown author:

The Winning Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Talks 2
I would really be regretful if I was not able to witness this very inspiring entrepreneurship talk. Because honesty, my initial thought was that it would just be a show that would aim target participants to franchise or buy selected businesses or sponsors, and boy I'm glad I got it all wrong! 

What I got instead were fine hours of learning and inspiring stories behind several successes! The bonus part? I got schooled for FREE!

5 Ways Car Owners Can Save Money

How Car owners can save money
Car ownership is expensive. Your paycheck gets a cut every month for the car loans and getting your car filled at your favorite gas station can sometimes feel like getting robbed in broad daylight! Except of course the gas station attendant offers to clean your windshield. 

Ever wondered how you can save a few pesos while driving your own car?

To Tithe or Not to Tithe?

To Tithe or Not to Tithe
I've been trying to restrain myself from writing any article about “Tithing” since I started blogging. Because if “practice what you preach” is a law, then I would have already been jailed for its violation.

The harsh reality is that, tithing is a misplaced practice and problem among many people, even those earning six-digit income in a month or in a week!

Wealth & Wisdom Circle with Lianne Laroya!

Lianne Laroya
Here comes the rainy season! And rainy season it is, as we dive into a shower of new learnings and wisdom from our Wealth & Wisdom Circle series that features individuals who inspire and influence us one way or another

These are the people we look up to -- investors, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists -- role models in their own, big way... and we call it the Wealth & Wisdom Circle series.

5 Money Mistakes Pinoys Had in Their 30’s

eCompareMo.comMost people, by the time they hit their thirties, want their lives to be stable in all aspects—relationships, profession, finances—because this is the time when they are most likely getting married and starting their own families. 

However, financial stability is sometimes difficult to accomplish and many people still commit major money mistakes at this point of their lives.

Take charge of your finances, now!

Entrepreneur Talks Money Matters
Continuously investing in yourself is one of the cheapest, yet greatest form of investment you can make. That's why you need to invest time and money if you want growth for yourself

It pays to learn your lessons, especially if you gain valuable life-lessons that could cost you more when your learn them through avoidable mistakes. 

The Money Kit

Chinkee Tan Money Kit
Have you always been inspired by reading all the success stories of people who are financially successful? How about being motivated on trying to save and invest for your own future? Yes? But then what?

Often, you're left with all the what-ifs and how-tos after all the motivations subside. Most question people have in their mind after reading and getting inspired by a best-selling book about personal finance is, How do I start? 

4 Lessons About Investing from Ginebra

Brgy. Ginebra Never Say Die
I'm a die-hard Brgy. Ginebra fan since High School, though I'm quite thankful now that I was able to manage that attachment to the team, somehow. I don't know about you, but some fans I know were like me who find it hard to eat following a Brgy. Ginebra loss!

It's all smiles when Ginebra fans from the neighborhood and schools were celebrating their win.

Wealth & Wisdom Circle with Chinkee Tan!

Chinkee Tan
It took a while before I was able to pull of another invite for this section. Whew! But it's worth the long wait! Again, this is to feature individuals who inspire and influence us one way or another

These are the people we look up to -- investors, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists -- role models in their own, big way... and we call it the Wealth & Wisdom Circle series.

The Great Salesmen

The Great Salesmen
One day, some of the greatest and seasoned salesmen from around the world gathered for an international convention. They were invited to share (and boast) some of their best skills in the field of sales and marketing.

There were practitioners, brokers, researchers, network-marketers, marketing specialists, agents, dealers and freelancers among many other skilled salesmen that came to witness the invite-only gathering.

6 Mind Tricks to Help You Save More

I am sure you have heard a lot of financial experts say that in order to get rich, you need to earn more while spending less.  This advice may really be effective, but it is actually more difficult than it sounds.  

When temptations start to present themselves, all your firm resolutions start to melt.  But don’t worry.  This doesn’t mean it is impossible.  

How to Avoid Breaking Your Piggy Bank

Summer is officially here! It's the season when parents (and parents alike) get some rest from the many bills they need to pay for sending their loved ones to school. Yet, it's also the season when many people splurge for a couple of days' rest at a nearby resort or an out-of-town for their much-needed getaway! 

I can still remember, I used to sell ice candies back when I was in elementary during summer breaks. 

The Graduation Present

The Graduation Present
A young man was about to graduate. For years, he had admired a beautiful sports car, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that it was all he wanted as graduation present.

As his graduation day approached, he awaited signs that his father had purchased the beautiful car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him.

Cheap vs. Frugal (Which one are you?)

Cheap or Frugal?
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word frugal means careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to. 

With the mindset of knowing how to allocate your resources properly and avoiding any unnecessary purchases at all, frugality is more of a lifestyle and less of a chore. However, a lot of people often interchange cheap with frugal living.

8 Financial Lessons from Playing CoC

Clash of Clans
A few months ago, while some of my colleagues were busy contemplating on what appeared to me as some sort of strategy-planning”, my curiosity invited me to take a look at what they’re raving about. 

It was Clash of Clans, a mobile game (developed by SUPERCELL) in which players build and protect their own village and train troops that can attack other villages.

Love and Time

Island of Feelings
Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so they all constructed boats and left. Except for Love.

Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

4 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Car
Whenever I dream of driving a sports car on that vision board of mine, I sometimes think of things like "What questions would I exactly ask a car dealer? Should I ask 'if it's fast'? Ha-ha!"

But seriously, how does one compare cars before deciding which car to get? What are some of the things you need to be aware of?

Ang Pinaka-Kuripot na Money Challenge!

Ang Pinaka-Kuripot na Money Challenge!
A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link about a 52-week saving challenge that basically increments a specific base value every week.

It was entitled the (Mas) Kuripot 52-week Money Challenge. And since we'd be using a lower base (Five Pesos!) for this particular system, what better way to call it than Ang (Pinaka) Kuripot na Money Challenge!

5 Things to Add to Your New Year's List

5 Things to Add to Your New Year's Resolution
In case you don't know yet,  a New Year's resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to improve or do something positive, such as to save money or to start exercising, beginning from Day One.
Historically, the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January was named after.

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