4 Lessons About Investing from Ginebra

Brgy. Ginebra Never Say Die
I'm a die-hard Brgy. Ginebra fan since High School, though I'm quite thankful now that I was able to manage that attachment to the team, somehow. I don't know about you, but some fans I know were like me who find it hard to eat following a Brgy. Ginebra loss!

It's all smiles when Ginebra fans from the neighborhood and schools were celebrating their win.

We (fans) would celebrate as if we won our own game to the point of jokingly declaring the day after they won a championship a National Holiday. Ha-ha!

Now here's a short list of the four lessons (about investing) that we can get from our mighty Brgy. Ginebra Gin Kings:

1. The turtle always wins.
On the wake of what is now a seven year title drought since they last won the 2008 PBA Fiesta Conference, Brgy. Ginebra had since been on a struggle season after season, barely even making the Finals, and part of that struggle were some
head-scratching moves from the management as they keep on shuffling their coaching staff. But as many basketball pros would insist, continuity is vital in team basketball and that it would really take time before any system that you want to incorporate with your team could pay off.

Not with this team. Since their last championship run under Jong Uichico, Brgy. Ginebra had Alfrancis Chua, Ato Agustin, Jeffrey Cariaso and Frankie Lim. Yes, that's five Head Coaches in four years!

The Turtle Always Wins

In personal finance, saving or investing in small amounts regularly always wins! Remember that it's not how much income you make, it's how much you save and invest. It's team chemistry that you want to build in basketball; and it's the habit of saving and investing that you want to have in your life.


2. What worked for some might not work for one.
Tim Cone made a name for himself in the PBA (18 Titles), thanks to the famous
Triangle Offense that he's been incorporating with the teams he's both with: Alaska and San Mig (now Purefoods). So with a successful system to infuse with the depth of a thirsty Brgy. Ginebra squad, they hired then Tim Cone's assistant coach, Jeffrey Cariaso to lead the team to run the so-called system.

Barangay Ginebra Triangle Offense
But what not hardcore fans of the game understand is that, for this kind of offensive system to work best, players need to be willing to make the extra pass until the ball gets into the open man to take the best possible shot. A willingness that most Ginebra players are not accustomed to. Plus, it will really take time before players holds the mastery of the system, as told by Ginebra guard himself, L.A. Tenorio.

What followed was an early exit into the Playoffs that season, prompting the replacement of Jeffrey Cariaso with Frankie Lim. As one analyst best puts it, Brgy. Ginebra players are more capable and skilled on an up-tempo brand of basketball, the run-and-gun. You should maximize those talents and pick the best system that will fit with what you have, and not picking a system just because it works great for the other team.

Today, more and more people are getting into investing, and that's a good thing. What's bothersome is that most of these people don't exactly understand what they're doing with their money! One would blindly invest on a cooperative just because her friend told her to do so, never even listening during the required pre-membership orientation. Another person would excitedly open a new account on an online broker and buy stocks of a popular fast food chain, only to see its stock price drop after few days - blaming his friend later and selling his shares at a loss.

The investment that your friend have may or may not work for you, depending on the investment goal you have in mind.

3. Time is your ally.
I can never forget the Manila Classico game that featured two of the most popular teams today in the PBA: Brgy. Ginebra kontra San Mig Coffee Mixers (now Purefoods). People started to line-up at the Smart Araneta Center in Cubao as early as 2PM (the game started at 7 PM). When the gates were opened at about 4 PM, we happily marched inside the Arena and easily noticed that there were already about five San Mig players doing some basketball drills, including one of their ace players named Mark Baroca! Of course, the sight didn't excite us since we're looking forward to seeing guys in white and red shirts (Brgy. Ginebra's uniform). Minutes later, J.R. Reyes of the crowd's favorite team came out and did his shooting drills, along with James Forrester. San Mig players were all there half an hour before the tip-in, managing to work on their game and nerves. Mark Caguioa and the other Ginebra stalwarts on the other hand, never did a pre-game non-televised warm up on that afternoon.

Brgy. Ginebra Never Say Die
I'm sure you know what happened next: Yap, Simon and co. pounded and outscored the entire Ginebra squad up to the last minute of action that begged the U-turn of the crowd's chant from GI-NEB-RA! to U-WI-AN-NA!. People who watched from TV that night might say that the San Mig Coffee Mixers were just too good for Brgy. Ginebra Kings, but people who noticed the way they (San Mig) prepared for the game would tell otherwise. They had the time to warm-up their body and mind for a full-throttle action. Brgy. Ginebra's approach to the game led to their lackadaisical performance.

In investing, time is your ally and I need not to elaborate more of that. The earlier you save and invest, the better your finances and mindset will be in the future. Take time to learn and be a student in order for you to gain more knowledge and help you prepare in your journey towards financial freedom. Here, let me cheer you, KA-YA-MO-YAN!

4. It's trading, not investing, that is very risky.
It was earlier this year when Brgy. Ginebra management made another heart-breaking decision tantamount to a person wanting to have money but does not want to work -- sending reliable big man, J.R. Reyes to San Miguel for Dorian Pena on a three-team trade. It shook the heads of many die-hard fans. I have nothing against Dorian Pena, but the guy is past his prime, and could only do so much! Yet Brgy. Ginebra sent one of their few players who know what
hustle means. True enough, the trade quickly backfired as Dorian Pena was barely utilized in the rotation, taking away what was once a deep front court bench. Of course, that's just one of the many head-scratching trades that the Brgy. Ginebra management made.

Investing is acquiring a player, either through draft pick or a trade, and giving him time to mature as he progresses and evolves into a player that your team needs. Trading is sending your player to other teams in exchange (and hopes) of receiving a player that could address the need of the team. 

Basketball and the stock Market

In investing trading, the same risk and reward system applies. You're selling a particular stock to buy the proceeds with another one. You sell Jollibee (JFC) shares to buy Ayala Land (ALI) shares and hope that ALI would go up. I think the same is true for basketball, particularly with Brgy. Ginebra, when they decided to let go of J.R. Reyes and acquired Dorian Pena in return, hoping that he (Pena) would somehow follow the fate of Asi Taulava, who earlier in that season, unleashed the beast within him and proved everyone that he still has

But just like in the stock market, you'll never know.


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