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Entrepreneur Talks Money Matters
Continuously investing in yourself is one of the cheapest, yet greatest form of investment you can make. That's why you need to invest time and money if you want growth for yourself

It pays to learn your lessons, especially if you gain valuable life-lessons that could cost you more when your learn them through avoidable mistakes. 

So when an opportunity knocks, do you take it or make an excuse? Thankfully, we never run out of opportunities (and excuses for NOT taking them). And for those (including me) who enthusiastically attended this free Talk on Saving, Investing and Achieving Financial Wellness last April 28, 2015, we've just learned so many lessons that will help us financially move forward!

But I love to share, right? So here's a short summary (Press Release) of that seminar:

Earning money is an empowering act; managing your money well is doubly so. 

Armand Bengco Money MattersDuring Entrepreneur Philippines’ recent ’Trep Talks, Armand Bengco, executive director of the Colayco Foundation for Education Inc., underscored that now not yesterday, not tomorrow — is the best time to take control of your finances, and to enjoy the fruits of an improved investment climate.

With the Philippine economy on an upswing — given greater domestic productivity, manageable inflation, high government spending, positive trade flows, and a robust stock market — Bengco said it would be tragic if Filipinos, entrepreneurs and employees both, missed the opportunity to grow their hard-earned money.
Let’s not miss the investment train, said 47-year-old Bengco, adding that for your investment to be good, it should have PTT: Purpose, Targeted amount, and Timeline. For one, Bengco emphasized making the most of your productive years —your years of employment and/or operating a business of your own— to ensure that you’ve got a healthy income to live on when you retire.  

Money Matters - Asset Allocation - Colayco

Citing figures from the National Statistics Office, Bengco noted that on average, Filipino men and women can now expect to live until the ages of 77 and 79, respectively, or more than a decade past the mandatory retirement age of 65. How will you enjoy your dozen more years…if you haven’t managed your personal finances well? he asked the listening crowd of entrepreneurs, employees, and students.

In a booming economy, said Bengco, at least some of your money should be in a buy type of investment (e.g. stocks, mutual fund, unit investment trust fund, etc.) rather than a lend type of investment (savings deposits, time deposits, government securities, insurance, etc).
Money Matters - Buy Lend - Colayco

Comparing the various financial instruments, their costs and returns, Bengco’s best bet is for you to invest a small amount—as low as P5,000—in a mutual fund, particularly one that has a proven track record.
Stay with the winners…[invest in] any of the top five, and you will not go wrong, he advised.

The higher the returns, admitted Bengco, the higher the risk. To manage your expectations, he suggested working on the average, or looking at the fund’s performance in the long term. Give it five years and up, he said. For the past five years, Bengco pointed out, the various types of mutual funds have had solid returns: an average of 16 to 23 percent for equity or stock funds; 13 to 15 percent for balanced funds; and four to 10 percent for fixed income funds.

Money Matters - Must Do - Summary  - Colayco

Be present in the financial world — have a bank account and then progress into an investment account — and not just your ATM payroll account. Regularly save and invest, said Bengco.

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Did you find the talk interesting and educational? It sure is! But you know what's more exciting about this? It's all for FREE! Yes, you just missed this awesome event! 

The Entrepreneur Philippines' ’Trep Talk, dubbedMoney Matters, featuring Armand Bengco of the Colayco Foundation, was held on April 28 at the Dusit Thani Manila. Regular discussions on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, management, among other topics, are conducted for the exclusive benefit of the magazine’s subscribers and readers.   

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