7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Expenses

Ways to Reduce Daily ExpensesHave you noticed a greater void in your bank account due to your spending habits? Your daily expenses might be the culprit.

Whether you want to regain control over your finances, or you simply want to know how to reduce your common expenditures, here are seven easy ways to best give you control and lead you on a path of financial freedom.

Cut Costs on Your Electric Bill
There are several ways to eliminate electric waste within your home. For easy measure, switch your incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs, unplug cords from outlets and turn off electronics that aren’t in use, and avoid turning on air conditioning as much as possible.
“Electricity can be a huge financial burden for many people,” says Marsha White, personal finance expert. “You wouldn’t believe the number of ways you can save energy and cost throughout the day. Using more eco-friendly energy sources alone can give you hundreds of dollars back in your pocket over the course of a year.”

Also, being a night owl is quite beneficial when using electric power. Most electric companies charge less expensive rates for electricity used at night rather than electricity used at common hours during the day. Therefore, evening, very early morning hours, and all the time in-between is optimal for using the dishwasher, clothes washing machine, dryer, and other major appliances. If you can’t purge some of your electricity use altogether, this is an easy way to cut costs for your electric bill.

Make a Monthly Budget
It helps to know where your money is spent each month when you craft a list of income verses expenses. Most people believe budgets are too restrictive or time-consuming, but they are a proven effective way to reduce impulse spending. At the very least, start tracking what you spend for a week and notice the habits you could stop for the future. Use expert guides to create the perfect lists that will help you stay on budget with the amounts you want to spend and save.

Cook Your Own Food for Every Meal
In case you haven’t experienced this firsthand, eating out is expensive. Think about your daily coffee purchased at your favorite coffeehouse. That alone can cost five dollars per drink. Instead of ordering takeout for dinner several times per week, or eating fast food for lunch while you’re at work, save hundreds of dollars each month just by preparing your own meals with ingredients from the grocery store. Your local grocery store or supermarket will have staple ingredients that can be used for a plethora of recipes, so you can be sure to make unique meals that also accommodate for any type of eating palette.

Assess Your Insurance Bills
Why pay for coverage you don’t need? When it comes to car insurance, you need to evaluate realistic coverage that you would use. If you only travel five thousand miles per year, you shouldn’t be paying for ten or twenty thousand miles of coverage that inevitably increases your insurance rate.
Be honest with yourself in this downsizing process. Are you a reckless driver? You might want to keep your hefty coverage. Do you drive more carefully and in a less amount than most drivers?

Consider lowering your coverage to the least amount possible, since chances are good that you wouldn’t need it anyway.

The same principle goes for renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. Of course, most rental units and almost all homes owned with a mortgage require a certain amount of insurance by law. However, there are varying degrees of this type of coverage, and if you know you only need the bare bones, save yourself the extra expense by limiting this coverage to exactly what you need.
Cancel Memberships You Don’t Use
Think about all the times you haven’t used your gym membership. Or your metro pass. Or your Net Flix subscription. The list can go on, right? Now, calculate how much money you lose by breaking down the cost of each subscription’s price tag into cost per day. The infamous P99 monthly subscription plans may sound insignificant, but they can do major damage when you accumulate multiple ones that you barely use. In your quest to cancel these subscriptions, prepare to feel the burn of cancellation fees. However, a P500 cancellation fee, for example, pales in comparison to wasting P1,800 per year.

Shop Sales & Use Coupons
It pays to be a bargain hunter. By shopping during certain days of the month or year where there is sure to be extreme discounts, you could save hundreds of dollars that you would’ve spent otherwise. For more day-to-day savings, check out your local stores’ advertised sales and rebate opportunities. Many stores nowadays offer exclusive coupons and sales for customers that subscribe to their emails or postal mail invitations. If you don’t mind setting aside a small amount of time, getting the best deal can be an exciting activity that will save you serious cash. 

Look for Inexpensive Forms of Entertainment
When you’re trying to control your finances and reduce costs, that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Entertainment can encompass many different activities, and much of what you enjoy doing can still be done at little or no cost. Check out your local library for free resources like books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and computer games. Use low-cost online streaming services for television and movies instead of having cable. The possibilities are endless when you learn to be creative.

In Summary
Reducing your daily expenses can seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t take much to get started. If it feels too overwhelming, go slow with developing new habits. Try the techniques that work well with your household dynamic, such as downsizing on expenses you don’t need or cooking at home. With all of these options at your disposal, you’ll be sure to find a method to best control what you save and spend.  

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  2. avoiding friends that are hooked with starbucks and other pricey materials is a big YES!

  3. There are a few basic techniques to reduce your everyday expenditures and save money. One method is to request assistance with my task and create a budget for yourself. This will allow you to see where your money is going and where you may cut back.


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