15 The 10 Biggest Companies in the Philippines

The 10 Biggest Companies in the Philippines
Have you ever wondered which are the country's top companies? Or if which company is being patronized the most by Filipinos here and/or abroad?

One basic step in checking a company's status and performance is simply to check if it's listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange or PSE. After all, being listed in PSE takes a serious business with a serious income.

In a nutshell, for a company to be included in PSE, the market capitalization of the company must be at least P500 Million and should be operating profitably for at least 3 years upon application.[1] Therefore, it just make sense that 10 of the biggest companies are included in this list.

What is a 'Blue Chip'
Investopedia describes a Blue Chip as “a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company. Blue Chips generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. These companies are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth.”

And in case you're wondering, the name “Blue Chip” came from the game of poker in which the Blue Chips have the highest value.

Understanding 'Fast Facts'
Below each company name, you will see 'Fast Facts' items which simply shows the readily available information about the particular company. 
  • STOCK SYMBOL or sometimes called ticker, is the abbreviated form of the company name which is mainly used for PSE-related or stock market activities.
  • The name you will see as the CHAIRMAN pertains to the person who currently runs or represents the company. Meaning, don't expect the founder's name there, such as Henry Sy and John Gokongwei, who are now both too old to run their respective companies, but are recognized as “Chairman Emeritus” instead. 
  • YEAR INCORPORATED is different from the year when the company was founded, rather, it refers to the date when the company was registered as a corporation.
  • If you want to learn more about the company, you may check the provided company WEBSITE.
  • The PRICE PER SHARE refers to the actual trading price of the company from the last 12 months up to posting date. That is, if you see P112 to P186, that means that you can buy a share of that company between 112 pesos (lowest) and 186 pesos (highest) within the one year range (i.e. 2016-2017).
  • Finally, the MINIMUM SHARES or more commonly known as “Board Lot”, refers to the minimum number of shares that you need to buy from the company.
How was the list defined?
You must understand that no scientific, statistical, mathematical or any other strategically-motivated formula or method was used in determining the list you're about read. The list is based solely on two criteria: (1) the company is part of the PSE index and is a “Blue Chip” and (2) the company's Market Capitalization, which is computed by multiplying the current price per share with the total number of outstanding shares. For example, if ABC Corporation has 1,000 shares and each share costs P18, then the Market Cap of ABC Corporation is 1,000 x P18 = P18,000.

Also, please remember that we are ranking the companies, not their owners (because you will see that some companies are headed by the same person).

Market Cap
The values indicated in the Market Cap of each companies are NOT real time. The actual values will significantly change because the price per share changes every minute of each trading day. Meaning, ABC Corporation may have a Market Cap of P18,000 today, but would have P17,500 or P19,000 Market Cap the next day, depending if the price per share goes up or down. To achieve our objective, we'll just get the Market Cap of the companies based on the highest price per share it reached within the last 12 months. 
Are you ready to find out who made it top our Top 10 List? Here they are..


Market Cap: P342 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: MER
Chairman: Manuel V. Pangilinan
Business Line: Electricity, Energy, Power & Water
Year Incorporated: 1919
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P254 to P304


About MER
Manila Electric Company (MER) is a private distribution utility that constructs, operates, and maintains the electric distribution system in the cities and municipalities of Bulacan, Cavite, Metro Manila, and Rizal and certain cities, municipalities, and barangays in the provinces of Batangas, Laguna, Pampanga, and Quezon.

The principal business of MER is the distribution and sale of electric energy through its distribution network facilities in its franchise area. The Company's market is categorized into four sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, and streetlights.


Market Cap:  P409 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: URC
Chairman: James L. Go
Business Line: Food & Beverage
Year Incorporated: 1954
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P135 to P186


About URC
Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is involved in a range of food-related businesses, including the manufacture and distribution of branded consumer foods, production of hogs and day-old pullets, manufacture of animal feeds and veterinary products, flour milling and sugar milling and refining.
URC operates its food business through operating divisions and wholly-owned or majority-owned subsidiaries that are organized into three core business segments: (1)branded consumer foods, (2)agro-industrial products and (3)commodity food products.
Majority of URC's branded consumer foods business is conducted in the Philippines, but the Company has expanded into other Asian markets through its subsidiaries in Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia.

Market Cap: P420 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: TEL
Chairman: Manuel V. Pangilinan
Business Line: Telecommunications
Year Incorporated: 1928
Website: www.pldt.com
Minimum Shares: 5
Price Per Share: P1,260 to P1,944


About TEL
PLDT Inc. (TEL) is a telecommunications service provider with its business activities categorized into three units: wireless, fixed line, and others. The Company’s services are marketed under the Smart, Talk 'N Text and Sun Cellular brands.
TEL's subsidiaries include Smart Communications, Inc.; ACeS Philippines Cellular Satellite Corporation; ABM Global Solutions, Inc.; Bonifacio Communications Corporation; and ePLDT, Inc.


Market Cap: P439 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: AEV
Chairman: Jon Ramon Aboitiz
Business Line: Holding Firm
Year Incorporated: 1989
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P66 to P78


About AEV
Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) is the public holding and management company of the Aboitiz Group of Companies. AEV's core businesses, conducted through various subsidiaries and affiliates, are grouped into six main categories: power distribution, generation and retail electricity supply; financial services; food manufacturing; real estate; infrastructure; and portfolio investments.
The significant subsidiaries of AEV are Aboitiz Power Corporation, Pilmico Foods Corporation, and Aboitiz Land, Inc.


Market Cap: P630 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: JGS
Chairman: James L. Go
Business Line: Holding Firm
Year Incorporated: 1978
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P64 to P88


About JGS
JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS), which is controlled by the Gokongwei family, is the holding company for a group of companies with substantial business interests in foods; agro-industrial and commodities; real estate and hotel; air transportation; banking; and petrochemicals. The Company also has core investments in telecommunications and power generation and distribution.

Among JGS' subsidiaries are JG Summit Petrochemical Corp., Cebu Pacific Air, Universal Robina Corporation, Robinsons Land Corporation and Robinsons Bank. The Company also holds interests in PLDT Inc., Manila Electric Company and Global Business Power Corporation. 


Market Cap: P650 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: BDO
Chairman: Teresita T. Sy
Business Line: Financial (Bank)
Year Incorporated: 1968
Website: http://www.bdo.com.ph
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P103 to P149


About BDO
BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO), originally known as Acme Savings Bank, was acquired by the SM Group in 1976 and merged with Equitable PCI Bank 2007.
BDO offers an array of products and services, including retail banking; lending (corporate, commercial, consumer, and SME); treasury; trust; credit cards; corporate cash management; and remittances. Through its subsidiaries, the Company offers leasing and financing; investment banking; private banking; bancassurance; insurance brokerage; and stock brokerage services.
The Company also has foreign subsidiaries in Hong Kong; USA; Japan; Europe; Germany; and Canada. The Company's associates are Manila North Tollways Corporation; SM Keppel Land, Inc.; Northpine Land Incorporated; Taal Land, Inc.; and MMPC Auto-Financial Services Corporation.


Market Cap: P692 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: ALI
Chairman: Fernando Zobel de Ayala
Business Line: Property
Year Incorporated: 1988
Minimum Shares: 100
Price Per Share: P30 to P47


About ALI
Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) is engaged in the planning and development of large scale, integrated estates having a mix of use for the sale of residential lots and buildings, office buildings and commercial and industrial lots, leasing of commercial and office spaces and the development, operation and management of hotels and resorts.

ALI also develops commercial and industrial parks and is also engaged in property management, construction and other businesses like retail and healthcare.
Among the Company's subsidiaries are Alveo, Avida, Makati Development Corporation; ALI-ETON Property Development Corporation; North Triangle Depot; Laguna Technopark, Inc. and Ten Knots Philippines, Inc.


Market Cap: P693 Billion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: AC
Chairman: Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
Business Line: Holding Firm
Year Incorporated: 1834
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P670 to P1,116


About AC
Ayala Corporation (AC) is the holding company of the Ayala Group of Companies, with principal business interests in real estate; financial services; telecommunications; water infrastructure; electronics manufacturing; power generation; transport infrastructure; automotive; international real estate; healthcare; and education.
The significant subsidiaries of AC are Ayala Land, Inc.; Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.; and Manila Water Company, Inc. Other affiliates and/or joint ventures of the Company include Bank of the Philippine Islands and Globe Telecom, Inc.


Market Cap: P1.1 Trillion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: SMPH
Chairman: Henry T. Sy, Jr.
Business Line: Property
Year Incorporated: 1994
Minimum Shares: 100
Price Per Share: P24 to P39

About SMPH
SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH) was incorporated on 1994 to acquire and develop real estate, conduct and maintain commercial shopping centers including shopping center spaces for rent, amusement centers, movie or cinema theaters, and to construct and manage buildings such as condominium, apartments, hotels, restaurants, stores and other structures for mixed use purposes. The Company has now four business units, namely, malls, residential, commercial, and hotels and convention centers.
As of 2016, SMPH has 60 malls in the Philippines and seven shopping malls in China. The Company has 33 residential projects, 31 of which are in Metro Manila and two in Tagaytay. SMPH also owns Sky Ranch, an amusement park in Tagaytay and SM Pampanga.
Among the Company's subsidiaries are SM Development Corporation; Costa del Hamilo, Inc.; Highlands Prime, Inc.; Tagaytay Resort and Development Corporation; SM Arena Complex Corporation; SM Hotels and Conventions Corp.; and SM Land (China) Limited.


Market Cap: P1.2 Trillion

Fast Facts:
Stock Code: SM
Chairman: Jose T. Sio
Business Line: Holding Firm
Year Incorporated: 1960
Minimum Shares: 10
Price Per Share: P599 to P1,005

About SM
SM Investments Corporation (SM) is the holding company of the SM Group of Companies engaged in businesses through its subsidiaries, namely: retail (The SM Store, SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermarkets, SaveMore and Walter Mart Supermarket); property (SM Prime Holdings, Inc.); financial services (BDO Unibank, Inc. and The China Banking Corporation); and others (Belle Corporation, Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation, and The Net Group).
In 2016, several specialty retail stores were merged with SM Retail, Inc. These include Ace Hardware, SM Appliances, Homeworld, Our Home, Toy Kingdom, Watsons, Kultura, Baby Company, Sports Central, Pet Express and other specialty stores.
How was the list?
And there you have it! Was it how you expected it to be? Did your favorite business made it on our list? If not, you can personally check out the details of all the publicly listed companies on the official PSE Website.

[1] PSE Consolidated Listing and Disclosure Rules

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