4 Kinds of Love

4 Kinds of Love
This list is basically a naughty humor that has matured over time, until one crazy blogger put it into writing. Ha-ha!
But before proceeding, let me remind you that these types of love were just immaturely based on the appearance of each couple so we'd not really give a damn about the X's and O's. 

Finally, this article is written for fun! Enjoy reading!
1. Perfect Love (He's good. She's good.)
We all know this one. From Brad Pete/Jolie to #DongYan, these couples never fail to mesmerize our eyes on how great they look together. Does this apply only to celebrity couples? No. It applies to every couple who defies odds in order to win their ideal partner.
Perfect Love
While there were countless break-ups among these perfect mates, they would still technically fall under the same category. 
Besides, they called it quits for a reason we don't know, and that's another side of the story that we're not a part of anyway.
2. Love is Blind (She's  good. He's not.)
Love is blind when the woman is hot and her partner, interestingly, is obnoxiously not. Do we hear a Beauty and the Best? We just don't know this one, we've seen it - a lot! Go take a walk and I'm sure you'll easily spot one: a modernized, sophisticated, elegant, charming and gorgeous woman walking demurely, only to see her accompanied by a coyote.
Love is Blind

We can't be irrational. I think women are just either (1) being practical, (2) find humor sexier than ever or (3) don't look into a man's looks as much as men do with women.

Oh, and thank the play boys, girls are now less attracted with good looks because this involuntarily sends a warning signal to their neurons that hooking-up with such men means an impending disaster.

So if you're one of those guys who shake his head and ask Why is life so unfair? while seeing a couple I just mentioned, you know who to blame. Ouch!

3. True Love (He's good. She's not.)
Contrary to #2, true love transpires when a man finds himself surprisingly in love with a not-so woman. I'm not a fan of harsh adjectives, so let's just say she has flat-nose and flat-chest (just to justify what we mean by He's good. She's not).
True Love

Again, let's not make good use of the cases where the man falls for what the girl has, and not with who she is. Drop that case, we're talking about real love here!

Men are more likely to be judgmental than women that sometimes, all they would need is one simple stare and they would know if it's a go or a no. In fact, you'd be surprised how good a man can be in Geometry when it comes to women's figures!

Fine, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what about the beauty no man can unconditionally behold? You wouldn't believe how feeling pogi men I know are so picky they end up labeling odd-looking girls as MUMP (Mula Ulo Mukhang Paa)!

Besides, we haven't moved past the era yet where a woman can religiously court the man of her choice. So seeing a man dating a woman who would generally fail a Geometry test from most men is bound to be a great One.True.Love.

4. True Love is Blind (No Choice!)
Of course, the clincher: He's not. She's not. Should this cause some concern on the human race? (Just kidding!) 

On a second thought, even Algebra might not be happy in this equation:

-1 + -1 = -2

at least nos. 2 and 3 would result in cancelling the negativity of the other:

1 + -1 = 0


-1 + 1 = 0

But this? You have not just impact one, but impact two!

True Love is Blind

Imagine you're tired or busted or mad or whatever negative emotion a person can have. Then you'll see a couple publicly displaying their bubonic infection affection for each other. Woohoo! 

In Conclusion
After all that's been said for fun, it all boils down to one thing: love. For all we know, love knows no bounds, curves, angles or math. Everyone has their own bullet-proof idea of what a partner is, until love proves them wrong.

Which begs the question:

What kind of love do you and your partner have?

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  1. WOW! So "Love is blind" i guess. charot!!

    1. yan miss ang twag sa literal na bulag n pagibig., hehehe

  2. PERFECT! ! ! ahihi! ^_^ <3

  3. "only to see her accompanied by a coyote." - haha. anlufet mo naman!! hahaha. buti nalang TL samen. joke!!


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