How Misjudgment Can Kill Your Dreams

Don't Judge on Basis
Never see the person based from what he has - because you might just miss seeing what he is capable of.

Most of us only see the tip of an iceberg without realizing how huge the hidden part of that tip is! So we often overlook things. But we should look beyond what our bare eyes can see instead. Let me tell you an interesting story.

When I was thinking of putting up a business, I started calling and texting all my friends whom I thought might help me and become my business partners. First on my list were the A-Listers I know of -- hardworking professionals like me. The response I got from them was overwhelming!

You know what I got from them?


Stand OutBut it didn't stop me there. I moved on from one prospect to another. I crossed out those A-Listers on top of my list one by one after ignoring and rejecting my business proposals until I was left with the people at the bottom of the list - my drinking buddies. 

Yes, the ones who smoke, drink, collect removal exam slips during end of semesters and skip classes to play D.O.T.A. and Counter Strike back in our college days

You won't believe how high the enthusiasm on our first meeting was, with beers on the table, of course. Fast forward today, these bunch of non-qualifiers-for-a-school-promotional-calendar guys were now my business partners.

Had I chose to give up rather than work with these type of people, I would not have experience running a business today.

Don't judge the people thinking you already know them and what they're capable of, because you'll never know what possibly they could become.


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  1. Bam AngelesAugust 24, 2014

    just as i expected....another great article! thanks for this!!

  2. Thnx it's really worth reading.


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