Wrong Things About Our Educational System

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Let's admit it. Something is wrong with our educational system. It has a bias for logical intelligence, the one that holds the highest standard on our schools and report cards.

People fail to realize that all types of intelligence are equally important to a person's life and the society. Unfortunately, Academic performance is the most important aspect that the system is only looking after. 

That's why academic performance is what separates the star section from the other sections. 

Your academic performance will determine your fate, at least that's how we were taught to believe in school. Academic excellence is somewhat over-rated when all it teaches us is to memorize answers. I can clearly remember what my English professor told us during one of our discussions, Familiarization is better than memorization.

True enough, memorizing what a noun and verbs does can't make you right a corect sentnce with correct speling and grammars. 

That's why it may be a foolish mistake to measure a student's potential by enumeration, true or false, identification, fill in the blanks or multiple choice.

Run over awardYou finished last in a 100 Meter race but you topped the class and they're like, That's OK, you may not be athletic, but you're intelligent anyway."

You finished first in the same race but failed in your Math class and that's,
What would you get from running like an idiot? Go study your lessons!

Finish first on a race and top your class and boy, what a wonderful world awaits you!

How dare we conclude that every Valedictorian would automatically live a great life?

How dare we edit every Valedictory speech just to glorify the school, the system and the people behind it that acknowledge nothing else but grades?

Haven't you noticed? During graduation ceremonies, every student who has excelled on each academic subject is given an award - a medal. Best in Math...Best in English...and the long list goes on. And what about that triathlon champ? Or those who runs as fast as a dog and reads as slow as a turtle? Oh! Certificate of Appreciation! The school appreciates their contribution but does not recognize them.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against honor students. I'm an honor student myself. I just see no justice when all people do is reward the academic performance of students when in reality, all types of intelligence are equally important to our society: be it musical, visual, verbal, logical, existential, athletic or personal intelligence. 

The school system gives us answers then tests us if we were able to memorize them by giving several problems to solve. If you fail to memorize the answer, you will surely fail. You'll be punished. Either you get slapped by a stick or you're labeled weak. In life, we make mistakes and learn from them. In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, The trouble in school is that they give you the answer, then they give you the exam. That's not life.

A student needs an awakening that will allow him to realize his own abilities, thus potential. This can never be achieved by labeling him weak; and assessing his future based on how fast he can read will surely not help.

Below is a great story from known motivational speaker, Anthony Pangilinan:

One day, a child came home from school with a black eye.
When his father asked him what happened, he said “I got bullied.
“But why didn't you fight back?, the father asked back.
“They told me not to. his son replied.
Bullying“OK! If he ever comes back and bully you again, hit him on his solar plexus, the father told his son while pointing his fist below his son's chest.
Later that afternoon, the father taught his son how and where to hit the bully in case he approached him again.
The next day, the bully came back! When he was exactly a meter away, the child mightily launched his fist right onto the bully's solar plexus, just as his father taught him!
The bully fell into the ground instantly! All the kids who witnessed what happened rejoiced!
Except the principal.
When she asked the boy why he fought back, he answered “My father taught me. The principal immediately summoned the child's father to her office after hearing his response!
Oh Sir, you were such a Godly man, but your son told me that you taught him how to fight. Was it true?
“Yes", the father calmly answered.
“But how could you? Your son is too young!, said the principal.
To which the father replied:
“Precisely, my son is just seven years old. If I take out that power from him now, he may never know it.

For me, a person should be judged NOT by what he can't, but what he can. One of the primary concerns that schools face today is bullying.

I think the number one bully is the system itself.

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  1. Wow! Talagang nakakabilib. Kudos Sir Jeff for this superb article. Godbless. Marami akong narealize with this article. Do you also have a personal experience about this Sir Jeff?

  2. Hi Karissa,

    Let's just say that I've been on both sides of the coin ^_^

    Salamat sa pagbabasa :)

  3. I heard this when I tuned to Magbago Tayo by Anthony Pangilinan. Good you have saved it Sir. I need this for my pamangkin in school.

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