5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

The freelancing has become extremely popular for recent few years. It is an easy way for companies to save money and a great opportunity to earn them quickly sitting right at home.
With the incredible growing of the IT and penetration of the Internet we may even work for ourselves: no supervisors, no office routine, and no commands!

There are hundreds of options to make money online. Everyone can find his own way, depending on the interests and skills. Today we want to focus on 5 of the most creative and widespread ones. Let’s go.

1. Blogging
God save the social medias! Today they’ve grown into a huge platform for self-expression. If you are fond of filming videos, taking magnificent photos or writing, the Internet provides dozens of social media sites to begin with. Beginning with Facebook or Instagram you can reach a wide number of subscribers. Then it is time for making money by giving the ads or making reviews by the order of famous producers.
It is not as easy as it looks because blogging requires responsibility, individuality and strong sense of purpose. On the other hand, it’s a great way to become famous.
2. Affiliate Programs
Content rich websites always look for more opportunities to attract new customers or subscribers. One of the most profitable are associate programs. Their point is simple: you must find new clients for sites or software and then you get the certain commission as an income. The more customers you refer, the more money you make.

Companies offer different options and percentage of payback. A nice example of how it works is Love affiliates.

3. Freelance writing
If you prefer to express yourself in the world of famous companies (or ones that can be famous one day) copywriting is for you. The creation of presentable and good-working selling text is an art, just like the writing of a novel or poetry. Nevertheless, in comparison with fiction it brings more money… and brings them faster. Your novel may never be published; instead, millions of users can read your article for news-blog or corporate website.

Moreover, slogans and texts for commercials are extremely recognizable and valuable nowadays, but it is the top of the copywriting skill. If you have ever dreamed of working for huge corporations and create something significant, start practicing right now! There are more than 150 sites to write for.

4. Paying websites
These sites were not created for the ones who want to become a millionaire in a moment, but they help earning extra cash easy and in an unconstrained way. Thousands of enterprises regularly track the consumer's’ behavior and the usability of their products. So, they cooperate with platforms that offer you to buy things, participate in surveys, use trial versions of software, testing games, services and many more. The most enjoyable part is you will get money for that! Nice sites to visit: User Testing, Project Payday, Swagbucks.
5. Selling online
Online marketplaces and auctions are probably the best inventions of the humanity… after the Internet, of course. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, OLX and dozens of other sites offer you make money by selling unnecessary staff or storing and shipping your own products! This is the best way for beginners to figure out, what do the selling looks like, to find more new clients or just help someone finding interesting goods.


  1. Great ideas! I have been into blogging for a few months now. So far, I'm hopeful that I would really make money with it.

  2. The most simple and interesting way to generate income on the Internet is blogging.

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I like #1, #2 and #5

  4. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here! profit from your passion

  5. Be a Lazada affiliate. It pays nice.

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