4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

4 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Car
Whenever I dream of driving a sports car on that vision board of mine, I sometimes think of things like "What questions would I exactly ask a car dealer? Should I ask 'if it's fast'? Ha-ha!"

But seriously, how does one compare cars before deciding which car to get? What are some of the things you need to be aware of?


How do you know which car fits your lifestyle and will satisfy your needs more than the flashy style? 

While a long list of tech specs is already out there, I believe that the fundamental things should first be considered before being emotionally mindful about which color, muffler, style, etc. to choose.

Today, guest writer, Kyle tells us the four essential things that one must consider before buying a new car, and this is what he has to say...

On a recent road trip to Pampanga, I saw something up ahead that made my jaw drop and my eyes pop. I had to ask my wife beside me if she could also see it. I just couldn’t believe it, was it real? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? 

It’s not a white lady or some otherworldly being but what I saw was just as unbelievable. Right there in front of us, the sign read Unleaded – 35.30.

Now that's dancing!I’m sure I’m not the only guy who’s ecstatic about how gas prices have fallen in the past few months. It wasn’t so long ago that I had to pay over Php. 50 for a liter of gas so I was gleefully filling up my tank at this gas station in Pampanga.
This is me when I was filling up my tank in Pampanga (not really, but this pretty much sums up every driver’s reaction when we fill up on cheap gas) 

It’s a great time to own a car in the Philippines and it’s not just the cheap gas (yes, yes, I know it’s temporary) but the new roads that make destinations like Baguio more accessible are another great reason to buy a car. But before you go off to a car dealer, here are a few more things you should think about before buying a car.

Fuel Efficiency1. Fuel Efficiency
Gas prices will not stay low forever and you can expect to enjoy low gas prices for another two years according to an article from Rappler. It’s best to be smart about your car purchase and buy a fuel-efficient car which is not just great for your wallet but also better for the environment.  

Car Insurance2. Car Insurance
Another cost of car ownership is car insurance. I can’t stress how important car insurance is and in my personal experience, a car insurance has helped put the family car back to its old self after it’s been in a low-speed accident (several times actually). New cars will have a higher premium while older cars can cost less in terms of insurance premium. That’s one benefit to choosing a second-hand car if you have to decide between buying a new or a second-hand car.

Regardless of the model and build of your car, the important thing is to get adequate

insurance coverage. You can compare car insurance offers online to find the best 
coverage for you and save money on insurance.

Cost of Maintenance3. Cost of Maintenance
It’s not uncommon to own a car for over 10 years here in the Philippines. Our family car has just
passed the decade mark and it still runs pretty well although there are some parts of it that have broken down like its stereo and its power windows. You would want a car that has readily available aftermarket parts so that you have less headaches in maintaining your car.

Resale Value 4. Resale Value
If you don’t plan on holding on to your car after a few years, say, five years or more, then you should
do your research on which car models have better resale value. Different car models vary in their depreciation rates so you would want a car that retains more of its value over the years. That way, you can get a better deal when you sell or trade your car for another model.

The economics of car ownership don’t just end with how much you pay to fill up your 

gas or how much you pay for your car loan every month. 

There’s much more to consider in terms of related costs such as car insurance,
maintenance, and resale value. With diligent research on your part, you can get a car
that will get you the best value down the road. 

This is a guest post.

Author Bio:
Kyle Kam is an online marketing specialist for Moneymax, the Philippines’ leading financial comparison website. You may follow him on Twitter @undisputedkyle


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