The Opportunity Building

The Opportunity BuildingOne day, John received an invitation from a friend to check out this building called, “The Opportunity Building”. “John, you need to see this! It boasts different investment and money-making opportunities every floor!”, his friend told him over the phone.
One week later, he decided to check the building out of curiosity and excitement.

He was greeted by a man in a black corporate suit, “Hello, Sir! Welcome to the Opportunity Building!”, the man exclaimed, “Can I get your name?”
“Hi, my name is John.”
“Welcome, Sir John! Let me give you the simple rules about this building. Every floor has an offer to make to its guests. From small to big, peso, dollars, you name it, we have it here! And every floor will be different with the other. But no guaranty of any kind will be given - you decide what to do with your own money. No one will be held liable but yourself, so choose wisely. An elevator will take you from one floor to the next, one at a time, until you say 'PASS!'. Here's the catch: once you say PASS on the opportunity and decided to go to the next floor, there's no turning back. That also means you need to take the stairs on the way down. Are you ready?”
John: “Sounds good. I'm going now.”
“Good luck, Sir!”, said the man as he pointed his finger towards the elevator.
“Hi, here at the first floor, we offer an opportunity to grow your money at 1% per year! The great thing about it is that anytime you needed your money, you can have it!  And the best part? There's almost zero risk of losing your hard-earned money, since it will be covered by an insurance company.”

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John: “But don't you think that's too low for an interest in a year? Not so nice way to welcome your guests, don't you think? PASS!

“Hello there! The second floor guarantees that your money will grow by as much as 4% per year! However, unlike on the previous floor, you only get to withdraw your money after the agreed term. Do you like that?”

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John: “Not bad compared to the first one. But if you hold my money for that long and will only give me that profit, I think that's way too low for a return. PASS!

“Sir, third floor brings you to a totally different scenario. You see, the power of pooled funds is well conceived here. Our members pool funds and run small and medium businesses. Earnings are called dividends, which are divided equally based on your share percentage. Sounds good?

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John: “Wow. Now that's what I'm kind of looking for here. But are the earnings guaranteed?”
Man: “No, Sir. Since earnings will depend on the performance of our businesses and cooperation of our members.”
John: “I see. In that case, I'll say PASS!

“Hey man, fourth floor gives you the freedom of owning big companies without having to create them from ground-up or run them! Exciting huh? You simply buy shares and that's it! Just wait for the companies you bought to grow big!

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John: “Really? So I just buy shares from these companies and I get to earn regularly?”
Man: “Oh, you didn't understand me, Sir. Investing on us means you buy shares from our companies and earn once you sell your shares at a higher price. The price of the shares changes from time to time. There might actually be times when the price are lower than the price when you bought them.”
John: “Holy cow!? Then why are you even offering this thing to me! This is so dangerous! PASS!

“Hi, Sir! Have you played Farmville before? You'll love farming with us here at the fifth! The concept is simple: you invest, our farmers do the farming job. When it's harvest time, the farmers earn, your investment earns! It's a win-win thing! So, what vegetables would you like for your first season?”

John: “Seriously? Do you have permits from SEC or DTI? I mean, how could your concept be working? You want me to place my money on some virtual farm where I can't even see a pot of soil? PASS!
At the back of his mind, John was thinking. “I get it now!, he said to himself. “The higher it gets, the better the opportunity is! Although there are catches, this is no-brainer, I just need to get to the highest floor!”

“How about owning a property and have other people pay it for you? Or do some repairs and sell an old house for a price of a new one? Well, Sir, you came to the best floor there is on this building! Because this floor will obviously make you rich! Given the right knowledge on how to do this, you'll make millions soon!”

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John: “But that also means I need to have a million first, right? Also, I'm not good at selling. I don't think I'll do good at this kind of opportunity. Nice offer, but I'll PASS!

“Hi Sir! Are you open-minded? Welcome to the seventh floor! Please come, would you like some coffee? Seventh floor boasts the fastest way to earn money - by leveraging. I'd love to think that this floor could be exactly what you need to bring your dreams into reality! Yet you don't need a huge amount of money to start doing so. You just need to decide and stay committed to do whatever it takes! The best part? You can start with zero to little capital and build an empire!”

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John: “Uhmm, excuse me, is this the last floor?”
Man: “Yes it is, Sir.”
John: “You mean this is the best that there is on this building? I don't think so! How could such business be on the top of this building? You must be playing with me. Is this some sort of test?”
Man: “I'm afraid it is not, Sir. Besides, it was never stated that the last floor is the best, nor the worst.”

Opportunities were random, just like in real life outside this building, were opportunities come and go - in no particular order.
John: “But I thought that's how it was! How do you expect a shy, timid guy like me to be successful at your floor? I don't sell. I hate selling! I don't know how to talk to people!”
Man: “Actually, you're good at it, Sir. You just sold me an idea that you were not good at sales - and I bought it.”
John: “Whatever! I'll go figure it out myself then!”

John walked out of the floor confused and disappointed. He was about to take the stairs down when he noticed a shiny, elegant and well-polished door above! As he went closer to the door, lights started  to glow, making the door more shiny, attractive and inviting..

The Eight Floor
“So this must be it then. I knew it! That guy on the seventh floor was just lying! He wanted me  to think that I have no other choice but to grab the offer since it's the last floor! I was right! Maybe it was not on the layout so only genius like me can get a hand on it! Ha-ha!”

And so John entered the door and boy, what a lovely scenery - the tiles were so shiny as if he's standing on a mirror. Everything was as nice as the  door. Finally, a man came and shook his hands,
“Welcome to the best floor, Sir!”

“This is the last and highest floor of opportunity! Congratulations on not deciding to go into any of the lower floors, or you would not make it here! You see, on this floor, you just give your money - and you earn! How does that sound to you? No selling, no recruiting, no nothing! Your money will double in a few weeks after you invest! You will earn huge money for doing nothing! Isn't that amazing?”
John: “Wow! This must be it! I'm going be rich without doing nothing! Cool!”
After a few more chat, John made his decision.
Lights out.

Money down.
And he happily walked away and took the stairs down to the ground floor.

He was humming to the tune of Bruno Mars' “Billionaire” when he was met by a security guard at the lobby...
Guard: “Hi, Sir! You look happy! You must be feeling so fulfilled with your decision, don't you?”
John: “Yes, of course! I never knew that there was this great opportunity here! I'm so excited to go home so I can share it with my family and friends!”
Guard: “I'm happy for you, Sir!”
John: “Thank you!”
Guard: “Sir, I hope you don't mind, but may I ask what floor have you invested your money?”
John: “Oh, of course I placed it on the best floor - on the last one - the 8th floor!”
Guard: “Sir, I've been working here for 10 years. This building has only 7 floors!”
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  1. James AngelesJuly 14, 2016

    Haha! Nice article sir! Indeed, there is no such thing as easy money!!! Sana marami makabasa nito para matauhan

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2016

    greed is good

  3. It's interesting and educative! Hope to see more posts like this one here. And I would like to share 8 fun esl online games for adults - I'm sure you will enjoy it as like you have enjoyed this story.

  4. Suddenly it was a ghost story. Haha! It was a fun read. Aside from that though, he could also look for other opportunity buildings too. They're always out there (and you can always create your own).

  5. Apple GorospeDecember 12, 2017

    interesting twist at the end right there

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