How to Deal with a Difficult Customer

5 Points
In the Philippines, the number of customer acquisition services and business process outsourcing companies are growing. This is particularly because of the current good economic standing of the country. As a result, more and more people are being hired as call center representatives.
Having this job title can both be a blessing and a curse – depending on how you would look at it.

There will be moments when you feel appreciated for helping many customers; but admittedly there will also be moments when you feel stressed because of how difficult they can be.
Fortunately, there are 5 key points you can apply to the situation to make the experience easier.
1. Listen and understand
The reason why customers are being difficult is because they want to be heard and listened to. Be sure to make them feel that you are listening to them by giving them some verbal cues. Let them know that you are here to listen and understand their dilemma.
Difficult customers will most likely vent out their frustrations so remember not to cut them off while they are speaking. Let them finish what they are saying before you clarify their problems back to them. By doing this, you are letting them know you understand their predicament.
2. Empathize
Showing empathy is the simplest way you can let your customers know that you care about their problems. Put yourself in their shoes to completely understand why they are upset about the things they are calling for. Keep in mind that empathy can go a long way when it comes to dealing with unhappy customers.
3. Speak Calmly
It is very hard to talk with a caller who is talking angrily and loudly. But you need to take over the situation by lowering your tone and speaking slow. This response is infectious and could lead to your customer to calm down. Remember that you need to do what you can so you would not further aggravate them.
4. Focus on resolving the issue
Difficult customers are calling about their issue because they want solutions. Try not to get stuck with the problems and look for a resolution as quickly as possible. Your effort will be greatly appreciated on their end.
If they do not agree with the offer you presented, then work with them to find one which will make both of you happy. Don’t give them something you know you cannot deliver in the end because the issue may end up escalating further.
5. Exceed expectations
The best way you can turn an unhappy customer happy and satisfied is by exceeding their expectations. By doing so, they would feel like they are being well looked after by you and your company.
There are several ways for you to exceed the clientele’s expectations. Here are some tips you can follow.
  •  Answer the customer’s comments and complaints as soon as you can.
  •  Identify the issue proactively.
  •  Provide a quick solution for immediate issues and long term ones for it to be completely  resolved.
Become one of the best employee in the field of customer service that you can be by always remembering these 5 points!
A lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

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Hi! I'm Carl Padilla, a lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. 


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