The Parable of the Pipeline

The Parable of the Pipeline
Once there lived two men named Pablo and Bruno in a small village. They were good friends and big dreamers. They used to endlessly talk about how they would become the richest men in the village.

They were both smart and hard-working. But what they needed was an opportunity to prove themselves and become wealthy.

One day an opportunity knocked on their door. They were  both appointed by the villagers to carry water in buckets from a nearby river to fill the water reserve at the Town Square. They shall be paid by the amount of every buckets that they will be able to deliver. Both were overjoyed and started to work immediately. After a month, Bruno was very happy with the opportunity, while Pablo was not very sure about the hard work and pain of carrying the heavy buckets. He didn’t really feel like going to work the next day and vowed to think of a better way of bringing water into the water reserve.

The Parable of the Pipeline
The next day Pablo told his friend about his idea on how to bring water to the village more efficiently. He suggested that instead of carrying buckets back and forth to bring water from the river they can build a pipeline from the river to village. But Bruno was not very pleased with the idea as it sounded unfamiliar and there were no short term benefits from doing so. He rejected the idea as he was happy with whatever he was earning, anyway.

The Parable of the Pipeline
But Pablo did not give up and worked on building the pipeline alone. He worked during the evenings and weekends while still doing his task of bringing water from the river to the town. This brought down his productivity and was not able to earn as much as Bruno did. Soon, Bruno earned quite a fortune and decided to hire more men that would help him carry more buckets.  But Pablo did not give up on his pipeline. He believed that one day his dream of bringing water to the town automatically would come true.

The Parable of the Pipeline
While Bruno spent his evenings and weekends at the bar or relaxing at home, Pablo had to work hard on his pipeline. Some people, including Bruno, would laugh at him and his pipeline. “You’re just wasting your time and energy on something useless! It will never work!” But Pablo kept on reminding himself that “Tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices. Short-term pain equals long-term gains”, he reminded himself repeatedly. Bruno would often tease him and ask, “Why are you working harder on your pipeline?”, yet Pablo would not say a single word and just smile.

Days turned into months and months turned into years. Pablo worked hard on his day job but worked harder on his pipe line. Then came his big day. People gathered around the Town Square to witness either a miracle or be part of a raucous crowd waiting for the ultimate fiasco.

With a deep breath, Pablo carefully pulled a lever and within seconds, the water started flowing out of the pipeline straight into the water reserve! The crowd roared in awe and praised Pablo for his creative idea! Indeed, the pipeline maker came to be known as Pablo, the miracle maker. He was lauded for his efforts all over the town as his friend Bruno silently sobbed, wishfully thinking of going back to the day when Pablo offered him his idea.

The Parable of the Pipeline

Amidst the rejoicing crowd, Pablo walked towards Bruno, gently tapped him on the shoulder and said, “If I’m going to work hard anyway, I’d rather work hard on something that I actually own.”
How about you?

Are you running with buckets or are you building a pipeline?

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  1. Damn I so love this line “If I’m going to work hard anyway, I’d rather work hard on something that I actually own.” aaawmmaaayyggaaawddd!

  2. inspiring story!

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