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Chinkee Tan Money Kit
Have you always been inspired by reading all the success stories of people who are financially successful? How about being motivated on trying to save and invest for your own future? Yes? But then what?

Often, you're left with all the what-ifs and how-tos after all the motivations subside. Most question people have in their mind after reading and getting inspired by a best-selling book about personal finance is, How do I start? 

Now unless that book has enumerated a step-by-step detailed guide and to-do list on how to become financially free, it can still be a struggle for you to make an action towards your plans!

You must maximize an acquired knowledge by putting them into actions!

Friends, lo and behold! Because finally, Chinkee Tan, a well-known motivational speaker and best-selling author has created the
Chink+ Money Kit” for you!

Chink+ Money Kit

What is this 'Money Kit'?
Chink+ (Positive) Money Kit is a D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) tool that contains different kinds of materials that gives you the STEP-BY-STEP instructions to KEEP TRACK of your Finances! 

What's inside the 'Kit'?
The Money Kit contains the following: Money Kit Manual to help you navigate through the step-by-step-process, Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet that would allow you to choose a strategy for debt reduction, Accordion Folder to help you organize and divide your monthly expenses, Financial Obligations Worksheet to help you prioritize spending and focus on the needs rather than the wants in life, Expenditure Envelope to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly expenses, Savings Envelope (Green) for you to have the financial discipline to save and make it a conscious habit, Buying Envelope (Yellow) to finally help you to stop from overspending and Investment Envelope (Red) to make you realize the value of financial planning.

It's simple, applicable and attainable!
All you would ever need to start managing your finances the right way! From monitoring your expenses, to building your funds and payment of debts, the Money Kit will surely help you!

Baka naman hassle yan?
Chink+ Money Kit ManualPersonal Finance could really be a boring and killing subject to learn, especially when you're just beginning and suddenly encounter all those technical jargon! But you'll love the simplicity of Chinkee Tan's writing style, complexities be damned. And that is evident on his Money Kit because from his Money Kit Manual down to each envelopes and Video Tutorial, Chinkee Tan has made each topic as simple and straight-forward as possible, without sacrificing their educational value!

Many books discuss envelope system but Money Kit will discuss AND provide you the actual envelopes you will use! You think that can finally kick start your journey towards financial freedom?

I won't need to go into details of each of the envelope or sheets, since the instructions included in the manual of the kit will discuss how to properly use each of them. (And of course, let's not spoil your excitement!)

The Bonuses (Yes, and there are so many!)
Armed with his wit, Chinkee Tan won't fail you on this short and easy to understand instructional video. It's like attending a paid seminar about money management! The only difference is that you get to enjoy it on the convenience of your own time and place! Oh and one more thing, it's Taglish!

Money Management Software
Wait...what?? Yes! It's basically an Excel Workbook designed for electronically managing your finances. (You see how smart I explained that?)

Till DEBT Do Us Part
If you've already read one of his best-selling book, Till Debt Do Us Part, good. If not, the better! Because this book is also included on the Money Kit! I suggest that you read this book first before you start dealing with all the other materials inside the Money Kit. The book addresses the fundamentals of personal finance in general, with real life experiences of Chinkee Tan himself. And I'm betting you'll have some of your own Oo nga noh? and Tama talaga! moments while reading.

But wait, there’s more!
Aside from the book Till DEBT Do Us Part, you'll also receive a copy of Chinkee Tan's other best-selling books for FREE! How's that for value?

Also included on the Money Kit are the following books:
  • Secrets of the Rich and Successful 
  • How I Made My First Million In Direct Selling, And How You Can, Too!
  • Always Chink +
  • Rich God, Poor God
  • For Richer and For Poorer 

Chinkee Tan Books

You can now budget like a pro while learning the methods the elementary way! If you can't understand and appreciate personal finance thru this Money Kit, I don't know what will.

So if you think you're decided to change the way you handle your finances, I highly recommend that you get the Money Kit today!


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  1. How much is this?

    1. Hi joms,

      It's value for your money @ Php 2,500 only ^_^


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