9 Proven Ways to Become Rich

How to be richOur own definition of being rich will always be different. Some would define it as being able to afford the things that they want such as a Maldives get-away or a cup of coffee on their own Starbucks, or being able to drive a nice, luxury car.

For others, it could also mean as simple as being able to spend quality time with the people they love.

Again, money is NOT the most important thing. Unfortunately, money affects every important things in life - from inflation to taxes to salary to food to dating to basketball to gaming and the long list goes on.

So for someone who says that being rich means being able to spend quality time with his family, can you conclude that money wasn't important? How can he spend quality time when he's busy looking for money to feed his family? The truth behind the statement is that the person wants time (and financial) freedom so he can do the things that he wants (with his money to support his passion, interests, hobbies and fill his and his family's stomach).

Which now leads us to the most common question of a person with dreams:

How do I become rich? 

1. Win the lottery
This is perhaps the most popular way to become an instant millionaire here and abroad (well, at least for the hopeless hopefuls).

Unfortunately, the chance of being struck on lightning is greater than the odds of winning the lottery. Yet many people are still hoping that they would hit it one day, big time!

How to be rich - Win the Lottery!

2. Join game shows and talent search
Do you need to have a talent or something interesting to share on the show and its viewers? Nah..all you need is a dramatic, tragic and entertaining story of your life; on how poor you are and that joining game shows is your only hope in life!

In an era where judges and hosts demands more attention that the actual talent being showcased, how could you not think of using your story to win their hearts? The more unfortunate your financial status in life is, the more chances you get on receiving a bigger reward!

How to be rich - Join game shows and talent search
3. Inherit a fortune
This option, sadly, is quite reserved for some telenovelas. You know the story: Juan is a poorest of the poor until one day, a long-lost diary was found that revealed his true identity as the son of a billionaire.

So unless your surname is Ayala, Sy, Gokongwei, Tan, Caktiong, Reyes (ehem!) or other wealthy-sounding surnames, there is little hope that you'll inherit something big that would make you an instant millionaire ala Juan.

How to be rich - inherit a fortune

4. Marry a rich person
If your surname is none of the mentioned names on item 3 and you happen to be a freaking hot, attractive woman, marrying a rich man is the answer!

Oh, this is becoming harder for me, because I think this is quite more popular nowadays. Unfortunately, this mostly applies to women only. A rich, old foreigner looking to settle in the Philippines? You get it.

How to be rich - marry a rich person

5. Become a celebrity
Rise to stardom is just a few wave, smile and post today, thanks to social media and online streaming channels such as YouTube. There have been plenty of successful celebrities today who made it big through social media. But there are still a lot of people, especially teens, who tirelessly cry, sing and dance from one audition to another just to get that cameo role until lady luck of showbiz smiles upon them.

Do you know what the good news is? You don't have to be talented to get the spotlight! Killer smile, good looks and a toned body will do. Who cares about a handsome guy lip-syncing or a gorgeous artist who can't even cry on a movie?

How to be rich - be a celebrity

6. Get into sports
From all the options, I think this is the hardest from the human body perspective, not to mention the little chance of making it really big on the world of sports. Because unless you become a sensation or an endorser of vinegar, energy drink, battery, pain-reliever and shoes, your future does look not so bright on a country where image comes first before talent.

How to become rich - get into sports

7. Run for public office
I don't know about you, but most politicians I know of are making it BIG TIME. No wonder why they're willing to do crazy stunts and circus just to win our votes. And who cares about stealing money from people? People forgive and forget anyway.

How to become rich - get into politics

8. Start a business
If you do a quick summary of the list, you'll notice that all of the people who became rich by doing or becoming any of the first seven ways have something in common - they eventually started their own  business.

Of course, thinking to start a business does not happen overnight. But at some point on their wealthy life, lotto winners, game-show winners, heirs, artists, politicians and athletes realize that they need to start a business in order to sustain and increase their cash flow.

How to become rich - start a business
Does owning a business always mean starting from scratch and doing all the hard work, from finding a location to hiring employees to selling to customers? Not necessarily. In fact, you can own a fast-food chain, a mall, a telco, a school and a media company all at the same time!


By doing the last (but should always be the first) way of becoming rich:

9. Save and Invest
So how can you own a fast-food chain, a mall, a telco, a school and a media company all at the same time?

Invest in the stock market.

This allows you to actually co-own the business you have always wanted! The only difference is that you're saved from all the headaches of running the business on your own. But saving should come first, as it will teach you the discipline required to building your wealth over time.

How to become rich - save and invest
Saving is a crucial habit that would make a person's future brighter. Believe it or not, it will depend on our attitude towards money that can make or break our own financial life.

Have you heard of a lottery winner who is now living on the streets? A former celebrity who now lives under the bridge? Or a family of a once freaking hot, attractive woman forced to live on the squatters area after her rich Japanese husband left her?

How's the list? 
If you have tried another way that made you rich, or other ideas you plan to do to become one, don't be selfish, please let us know by commenting below!

If you've taken the first few steps towards financial independence, kudos! It's just a matter of time when all your hard work starts paying you. And for those who dream to get rich and still haven't found what you're looking for in this article, or perhaps you don't even buy a lotto ticket, or have good looks (like me) but wants a private life, I hope you start saving and investing instead, because it may have the longest period of waiting time, but at least -- you're bound to become rich, sa tamang panahon.

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  1. gerard.landichoSeptember 18, 2015

    great list! :D

  2. may kulang! sana naisama ang pag-join sa mga legit na networking companies or MLM. marami ako kilala na yumaman don. hehehehe

    1. hahahaha! ang dami talagang scammer sa pinas, MLM pweeee scam pa more buseeet!

  3. You forgot Felix Manalo, Mike Velarde and Apollo Quiboloy...

    1. I completely agree with you! Building a religion or a cult following of some sort is also one way to becoming filthy rich.

    2. agree! should be ABSOLUTELY included in this list. tsk tsk

  4. talk about humor..kudos author!!

  5. Agreed. Although number 8 has the greatest potential, if you're an employee, number 9 is the best.

  6. Nice list though parang sarcastic yung dating niya sakin pero I like it haha :)

  7. I highly agree to number 9

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